The New Maps / Press

“Hill, whose own musical roots reach back to Denton, TX in the mid-90s as frontman for Marmalade, Mudville Nine, and 12lb. Test, formed The New Maps last spring with bassist Paul Grotevant (The 145s) and drummer Jeff Olson (Balmorhea), after the three played together one evening at the Hole In the Wall. In early January, they released their 11-track debut These Parts, featuring guest vocalist Kim Vance Baker doing some sweet harmonies with Hill. And in addition to their original material, The New Maps included a nod to Hill’s musical inspiration with their version of “Badlands,” a track from Springsteen’s fourth studio album Darkness on the Edge of Town.”

“When you want genuine music--music that will come right home to you like a bad quarter, suffuse your system like strychnine whisky, go right through you like Brandreth's pills, ramify your whole constitution like the measles, and break out on your hide like the pin-feather pimples on a picked goose,--when you want all this, just smash your piano, and invoke the glory-beaming banjo!”

Mark Twain - San Francisco Dramatic Chronicle

“More thumbs up than I have thumbs for”

Roger Ebert - Chicago Sun-Times

“And that’s the way it is. ”

Walter Cronkite - CBS Evening News