The New Familiars / Press

“Imagine The Band's beautiful bearded children, rocking through the great American songbook.”

Applause: The Augusta Chronicle

“Within the first few strains of The New Familiars song 'Got this Disease,'I'm doodling their name on my Trapper Keeper”

The Brick: Richmond, VA

"They're a living, breathing nod to the country side of the Beatles and Rolling Stones..."

“Hey, they were the best local band of 2008 in Charlotte, N.C., and if you Google their slide-guitar-swinging songs you'll see why. Bluegrass-rocked, tightly harmonized Americana with edge.”

Philadelphia Daily News

“Don’t simply call them a “bluegrass” act — these boys know how to rock.”

Commonwealth Journal- Lexington, KY

“The New Familiars play a fresh (if not breakthrough) blend of country blues, folk rock and gritty acoustic tunes”

“The Dead and the New Familiars both share a desire to supercharge folk sounds. The two bands may not sound alike on the surface, but theres definately a connection.”

Daily Press: Hampton,VA

"Their covers of songs like “My Girl” and Phil Collin’s “Take Me Home” provide a new perspective on old classics that will unseat your understanding of the song – in the most stunning way."

“The New Familiars go balls out”

The Daily Beacon:Knoxville,TN

“The energy that the band brings to the table is infectious -- a swirling storm drain ofbanjo and resonator guitar and lap steel and drums that touches something elemental within... Earthy is as good a word as any to describe the band's sound, and down-to-earth is the way they like to play it.”

The Daily Times- Knoxville, TN

“The New Familiars have risen through the ranks of the Southeast's army of Americana bands with its bold and dark brand of folk music...”

Charleston Post and Courier

“One thing is clear about The New Familiars: they mean it.Very seldom does a cross-genre synthesis experiment result in such authenticity. The band has impressed audiences of all backgrounds in tiny clubs and monstrous outdoor festivals alike. ”

"The Band Turns its Acoustic Instruments into Electrified Crowds"

“It's Americana with a Grand Heartbeat”

“Music's fun when great musicians are clearly enjoying themselves. These guys are a good reminder of that...”

Dan Costello - Urban Folk NYC

“Honest and Heartfelt Americana”

“The band delivers a mix of acoustic folk, bluegrass, rock and blues with a visceral intensity to match their raucous live gigs ”

“The Storm is a tantalizing introduction to the trippy folk rock of this Charlotte quartet”

“Expect the Unexpected”

"A toxic new twist on Americana."

Matthew Godbey - Charleston Post