The New Black Jesus / Press

“The New Black Jesus www.facebook.com/TheNewBlackJesus , the sound of urban noise brought the hard living spirit of the street to the stage. Lazaar Williams brought the sleazy, mean and dirty riffs bringing the spirit of Jimmy with him playing tunes from 2012’s Ghetto Democracy. Think Suicidal Tendencies with Burton C Bell/Chad Gray on vocals. Over My Dead Body opened its military march pace with guitar battle siren riffs about living the life of access and paying the price. The hungry undead creatures of the night come out for a shotgun blast Dance of the Dead. They bring out the goddamn electric on God Damn Its frenzy filled riffs that make you want to run the other way. The Gangster Soups poured into the dirty bowl, seasoned with meaty guitar gristle and tasty rusty chord crackers. They’ve put in five years playing (H.A.M) Hard as A Mother….. and the meat just gets tougher, harder and tastier.”