The Neurotics / Press

“Falling James from The La Weekly wrote: The Neurotics kicked around Detroit in the late 1980s with a straight-ahead, tunefully driving punk & roll sound that drew heavily from the Ramones and the Heartbreakers. But the Motor City's vaunted garage-rock revival was still a decade away, so the group eventually moved to Hollywood, where they stood out for a little while as one of the more authentically rocking bands in a scene then dominated by grunge and metal mercenaries. Drummer Roy Morgan (the Excessories, Nikki Corvette, Kevin K) and lanky singer-guitarist Johnny Neurotic, who resembles the Dils' Tony Kinman and yowls with a coolly insolent sneer, recently started up the trio again with a new bassist, George Wright. Their compact power-punk songs are as catchy as ever, albeit once again out of step with prevailing trends. How good are the Neurotics?”

Falling James - LA Weekly