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“Today, we take a look at Houston, Texas own The Ne Plus Ultra. Combining the musical styles of straight forward rock and roll, electropop, jazz, and even a little bit of triphop, The Ne Plus Ultra create an incredibly unique formula that is sure to satisfy fans of just about any genre. You can find influences of a wide variety of bands and artists in their work, and they play up their distinctive sound quite well. I attribute this to the lead singer, Johanna Russell. She has the kind of voice that can captivate an audience, and can morph to fit any style the song entails. My favorite songs are: “Elysian”, “Key of Life 2006”, and “Lara 2006.” They are an extremely unique musical outlet and have a variety of different genres to them that show off all the musical influences that have inspired them to the point where they are today.”

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"The highest point; acme" or "the most intense degree of a quality or state." Those are two of the definitions for the Latin phrase Ne plus ultra. An otherwise trivial fact ... except it is also the name of one of the most popular rock bands in the Houston area. Members of The Ne Plus Ultra demonstrate their peak performance during the band's third visit to FOX 26 Morning News.

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“The Ne Plus Ultra has a unique take on elecro-pop. "Blue Angel" kicks off the 15-song Cd with a cool, slick, colorful emo blend. Other highlights are the dramatic "Elysian" -- with its delicate harmonies -- and the super quirky "Mood Swing" with several competing sounds and instruments. Overall, these artists carve out their own niche with a power-punch force of modern electronica.”

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“The original incarnation was a trip-hop, husband-wife duo of bassist Don Russell and vocalist Johanna Russell. Some electronic elements remain, but 66 cc's of swank casts everything in a heavy rock framework. The songs veer from moody laments to thundering anthems, anchored by Johanna Russell's polished vocals. Her lush wail sounds like an uncanny mix of goth goddess Amy Lee and Jefferson Airplane-era Grace Slick. It's an impressive effort with exciting, exotic touches. ”

“'The Ne Plus Ultra' Band Brings New Sound to Houston”

“genuinely original, professional, oozing with cocktail-lounge charisma and laid-back insensitivity, the ne plus ultra are a dose for the late-night afterparty, rocking-cool electro beats under vocals reminiscent of cocteau-tw... ”

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"The Ne Plus Ultra brings a new sound to the world"


“The Ne Plus Ultra is a band that was formed by a husband and wife team in 2006. Don Russell brought a rock influence while, wife, Johanna brought a sultry, jazzy influence. With this combination, was born a very unique sound. The band is releasing their 3rd album May 1st 2010. ”