The Nematoads / Press

“So much more than your average six string surf album, the Nematoads' Spy Car Mechanic is surf with ample trumpet, 60's spy flick kitsch, and punk influence. I got this disc a while ago and wanted to hold it until the weather warmed up so I could really get the feel for it. People usually complain that spy/surf is too gimmicky, but the Toads do an awesome job of filtering out the filler and mixing in just enough DK/crust influence to keep it interesting. For me it was the screaming trumpet that made this album so much fun. With the same power as a lead vocalist it really stands out and sets these songs apart from the herd. For fans of: the Ventures, Dead Kennedys, Man or Astroman?”

“The Nematoads second album mixes in a trumpet, a Theremin and an electric sitar for a fresh twist on classic surf. "Misirlou" (perhaps the ultimate surf standard) gets a much heavier guitar than the "usual" cover, plus the band extends out the song to over six minutes. Superb version. "Death Garage" adds in some grungy guitar to the mix, and result is terrific. Overall, Spy Car Mechanic is classic surf/spy music with some new sounds added in to keep it fresh. Great stuff.”

“We at HangNine towers swoon when a trumpet is involved and I was won over about 30 seconds into opening track Rex Dart: Eskimo Spy when the walking bass intro ends and that trumpet riff kicks in. Fabulous. Most of what follows is equally thrilling stuff.”

“Spy Car Mechanic is a superb release! The Nematoads have really outdone themselves with this set. Exceptional arranging and playing, with many original ideas and plenty of genre bending and blending. It's surf with serious rock credentials, psychedelic edges, and drama... lots of drama.”

“Spy Car Mechanic is frightening all the coyotes here in the woods!”

“Five Guns West features 15 great instros that mix Texas twang with spaghetti and Spanish flourishes and mix traditional sounds with modern ones. Songs start off familiar but then go in a direction completely unexpected. The mix of guitars, bass and drums is augmented by horns and other instruments.”

“The Nematoads – Five Guns West CD Holy cow! This is a magnificent album, full of exceptional music. Great writing, huge drama, and wonderful arranging. The songs are picturesque, and it’s all about spaghetti westerns. Imaginative and well developed, and very hard to put down.”