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“The Navins play jangly indie garage rock in a nice, cool and at times frazzled way. Not Yourself is their latest album which came out earlier in 2016. The album opens with the poppy Judy, You're Not Yourself Today in which over a nice poppy beat they tell us why Judy is on the edge and, well, threatening herself more than others. It's pleasant and it probably shouldn't be. Take It Away is a bit more angst-y and has a bit more musical bite like it wants to sound like Velvet Crush or something similar. Never Wanted Nothing is crunchier still with a nice hazy edge to it and fine harmony vocals. It almost feels a bit like Sebadoh. What You Do has a very cool guitar line during the intro which is very Crazy Horse-ish before the echo laden vocals come in to ask what else he can do as he's been dumped again. It sounds like a Teenage Fanclub B-side. Then they do a pretty nice cover of Sparklehorse's Piano Fire which seems to be a bit more upbeat”

“Seattle’s Navins apply similar energy to power poppy tunes that boast melodies by the jangleful on debut LP Not Yourself Today (Green Monkey). Named after Steve Martin’s character in The Jerk, the band (which includes ex-TAD man Gary Thortensen) certainly exhibits a sense of humor, but is no joke, showing serious craft and heart on the winsome “Oceans,” the jamming “Wallet Full of Signs” and the crunchy “Never Wanted Nothing.””

“Straight-ahead indie rock with a very large and welcome dollop of power pop with its ears on economic Sixties garageband pyschedelic rock.”

“The Navins are a wonderful independent alternative pop trio who sings honest and passionate songs about human emotions and how human beings choose to cope with various situations in life. The trio's latest CD "Not Yourself Today" is like a storybook for an alternative pop music fanatic's ears.”

“The Green Monkey label outta Seattle usually issues older, archival recordings of bands from decades past but this is a current Seattle band. The band is a trio (though there is a bass played pictured, one of four pictures, on the inside jacket of the cd) and on guitar is none other than Gary Thorstensen who used to sling the axe for Tad (he was definitely on the God’s Balls record, maybe a few others too). Thorstensen and his co-horts, Cain Morehead on vocals/guitar and Corey Knafelz on drums (guitar /vocals too and Ron Garcia is the bass man) aren’t doing anything out of the ordinary, here writing rock/pop tunes…but these are rock/pop tunes that are very good. I guess if you wanted to get real lazy (like me) you could call it power pop and slink away before anyone can call you on it, but there’s more here (though terrific opening cut, “Judy You’re Not Yourself Today” is straight up power pop). “Piano Fire” almost has this tense kinda jangle like an old Flying Nun ba”

“Do you enjoy some good ole’ garage-y powerpop? Then make sure you get over to the Feedback Lounge in West Seattle on Saturday, June 29th. That’s where you’ll find local band, The Navins, who will be playing a *free* show with Mark Pickerel. There is some serious NW-rock pedigree in this line-up: you’ll hear folks who have been in bands such as TAD, Screaming Trees, Truly, Gnome, and Sweet Secrets. You can hear a few songs by the Navins over on ReverbNation. Definitely for fans of Guided by Voices, the Velvet Underground, the Replacements, etc. Perfect music for a summer BBQ in the backyard with friends.”

“Featuring ex-members of Tad, Gnome and Peach, The Navins' three-song EP harkens back to the golden age of college rock, merging the power-pop and jangly guitars of bands like Redd Kross and The Posies with noisier indie rock faves like Built to Spill. Retro and pleasing, especially for those who like their rock & roll with a bit of grit and an equal amount of melody.”

“This will be the Navins' Yakima CD release show for their latest, a three-song EP titled "Time to Go" that was recorded with former Love Battery leader Ron Nine. It's a well-done sort of updated tip of the cap to bands like The Velvet Underground and The Replacements.”

“An affectionate garage jam session that's pure organic Seattle rock, THE NAVINS throw down an old school groove that comfortably fits yesterday with today. Not surprising when you consider who the band members are. (Do your homework.) The track also guest features RON NINE of the legendary ROOM NINE on slide guitar.”

“Upcoming Noteworthy Shows " I cannot believe Ex-Girlfriends are "in cahoots" with—on the same bill as—the Navins!" ”

Kelly O - The Stranger

“Great songwriting that digs just below the frail surface of real life. Melodic with sonic tendencies. You will hear influences from the Velvet Underground and Dream Syndicate to Guided by Voices lurking close by.”

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