The Mystiqueros / Press

““The whole 'Americana' scene is so stuffed with contenders desperately trying to push the envelope these days that, just sometimes, you really do yearn for a good, old-fashioned country-rock album along the lines of The Band or The Flying Burritos. If you add in that special, indefinable Lone Star State something that the likes of Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark and Joe Ely have all displayed during their years as dusty Texan troubadours then that's what you've got with The Mystiqueros: a tremendously accomplished roots-rock affair performed by a quintet of guys who've traveled the US highways and byways more than enough times to know which way is up.” ”

Tim Peacock - whisperinandhollerin.com

“'Diamonds In The Sun', then, is every bit the bleached and scuffed gem its' title suggests and its' allure is unlikely to fade in the future. Seems like we'd better add the name of yet another band of unmissable Texan troubadours to the Lone Star state's ever-expanding roll call of honour.”

“Diamonds in the Sun is a stunning representation of a career that’s been built with respect and solid regional following that’s begging for more national recognition.”

“People were dancing out in front, which in my mind, is a clear sign that the music is connecting on the right levels. The passion and soul they pour into their songs is transcendent. They're not just the kind of band you love, but one you can convert to.”