The Mystic Underground / Press

“It’s no surprise this is some great music out of Brooklyn.The Mystic Underground, Vlad and Ben, can write pop songs without selling out… songs that are bright and upbeat but still emit some bitterness of life’s struggles and disappointments… songs that will make you want to dance, or perhaps make you want to stand up to your asshole boss. Empowering songs with thoughtful lyrics. Vladimir Valette’s dramatic and soulful vocals add to this empowerment. Benedetto Socci puts the melodies to work with amazing electronic arrangements and intense lead synths, pulling from various influences, which is why it would be hard to tag them into one genre. These guys never pause.. when they’re not writing and recording or working on a remix, they’re playing shows around New York. It’s also worth mentioning that singer Vlad is often in the chatroom on Strangeways Radio. He joined the chat during an episode of Toy Factory when I first played their song “Discord and Panic,” ......”

"Remember Me" is taken from New York Indie Electronic Pop band The Mystic Underground's new EP, Dreamers And Lovers. The duo of Vladimir Valette (the singing and the writing) and Benedetto Socci (the composing and the producing) aim to strike against the current "stale and staid state of pop music" and based on "Remember Me" they've made a good start!

“The Mystic Underground Release Icy New EP Dreamers and Lovers on Stereosonic Records ......”

“The Mystic Underground are a Brooklyn, NYC electronic duo. Recently they sent us their latest single "Remember Me" from their upcoming EP Dreamers and Lovers coming out in August. Digging the track! Their sound reminds me of a cross between TV on the Radio and Twin Shadow and should appeal to fans of both those bands. Check out the track/video below and if you like what you hear you can download the track for free simply by liking their Facebook page here. Sounds like a deal to me.”