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“Michael Wood Band | Hopeful Alt-Rock By Riley James | May 5, 2015 Hailing from B.C, this group of talented musicians bring to you their new LP. Frontman Michael Wood and his band bring to you “Rubble Town”. An engaging record that is full of addictive melodies and a refined alternative rock sound that could feel very pop at first, but represents influence from a collection of classic genres. “Rubble Town” is Michael Wood and his band’s second studio effort and just like the first release, the musical ability, fresh vocals and perceptive lyrics are ever present. In such a saturated industry, Michael Wood Band will deliver a contemporary take on something that feels delightfully familiar. Musician/Producer Shaun Verreault lends his production chops on to the group on the record, with Doug Naugler providing the engineering. Both of which have praised Wood for his talents, calling him the “quintessential songwriter” . more.. https://www.bandmark.com/michael-woo”

“Canadian rock crew the Michael Wood Band have released their long-awaited LP album, “Rubble Town.” The album contains eight original tracks and represents the definitive Michael Wood Band experience so far. Part pop, part alternative rock, part contemporary rock and distinguished by the raw, genuine character of the band’s sound and style, “Rubble Town” by the Michael Wood Band is a record rock fans of all ages will agree on. Bandleader Michael Wood cites as main artistic influences a spread of indie-pop and rock bands such as Hey Rosetta, Kings of Leon, the Killers, Tragically Hip, Arctic Monkeys, and Foster the People. Like the music of these mainstream heroes, Wood’s songs are catchy, evocative, and written with an unfailing good taste which endears audiences to his music instantly. Read more...http://www.mondotunes.com/the-michael-wood-band-releases-new-lp-rubble-town/”

"Shockingly fresh, well written songs with great delivery. Infectious grooves that bring to mind The Police, Kings Of Leon and Red Hot Chilli Peppers with undertones of Hendrix, the Ramones and Tom Petty. I had to listen to the music from start to finish...then press repeat."

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“Michael Wood Bands Plays for Alberta Flood Relief Victoria musicians rock the charity stage The Calgary Stampede and many other musical events around town brought in a lot of fundraising dollars for those in need after the 2013 flood, with many bands donating their time and talent to entertain and raise much-needed money for the victims. The Michael Wood Band was no exception. The indie rockers from Victoria, British Columbia, took their place onstage at the Cowboys tent on July 7 to help raise money for the Red Cross as well as open for the award-nominated band Buckcherry. Lead singer and guitarist, Michael Wood, was impressed by Calgarians' desire to support one another. "The whole thing was really great, it felt like everyone was coming together to help each other out around town," said Wood. "Being part of the Buckcherry flood relief show was an amazing experience, and probably the biggest show we've played to date." ”

“Victoria's hottest bands of 2013 The Michael Wood Band was a semi-finalist in the 2013 International Song writing Competition Shimon Published: June 27, 2013 1:00 PM Updated: June 27, 2013 1:19 PM Michael Wood Band – This emerging quartet’s song Take Me Away was recently chosen as a semi-finalist in the 2013 International Song writing Competition from more than 20,000 entries. Catch them opening for rock legends Platinum Blonde July 2 at Sidney’s Mary Winspear Centre. The band is also playing a free show July 19 at noon in Centennial Square. Michaelwoodband.com Monday Magazine http://www.mondaymag.com/entertainment/music/213371081.html ”

“Victoria Songwriters Reach Semi-Finals of International Songwriting Competition 2012 Six Victoria bands/songwriters have made the list of 1883 semi-finalsists for the 2012 International Songwriting Competition (ISC). They were “narrowed” down from more than 20,000 submissions. The International Song Writing Competition is “an annual song contest whose mission is to provide the opportunity for both aspiring and established songwriters to have their songs heard in a professional, international arena.” There’s over $150,000 in cash and prizes to be awarded in the competition. Winners will be announced sometime in April (2013). http://victoriamusicscene.com/2013/02/08/victoria-songwriters-reach-semi-finals-of-international-songwriting-competition-2012/ ”

“Michael Wood Band Song "Take Me Away" was selected as a semi-finalists for the 2013 International Songwriting Competition, from 20,000 entries from 119 countries worldwide! http://www.songwritingcompetition.com/ ”

“Occupy This is an astoundingly good album. The fab four, comprised of Weed and Wood on vocals and guitars, Jon Baergen on bass and Alex Campbell on drums, have produced a modern-sounding rock album with catchy lyrics and hooks. Weed and Wood, both big Mother Mother fans, have ideas for their next release, which they say is currently in the works. “I’d like to get a heavier, more roots-y sound to our next album; heavier but not darker,” says Wood, adding that they would like to release their Hendrix-inspired cover of “All Along the Watchtower.” And despite the politically-charged title of their album, both band members shy away from too much political advocacy, saying that it can take away from the music itself when not preached to the right crowd. Regardless there are hints of angst and socio-political awareness on the album, such as in “Should We Be Afraid” which is about the Arab Spring movement that took place in Egypt. Give them a listen at: themichaelwoodband.band”

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