The Mud Flappers / Press

“The Mud Flappers are a self-described “Floridana folk monster that makes you want to dance.” It’s safe to say that’s accurate. The sound they produce is entirely their own – a perfect convergence of eclectic talents and personalities. Each person’s vivacity blossoms effortlessly in their live performances and recordings. You would think they’ve known each other all their lives; the chemistry of the bunch is so jovial and multi-faceted yet professional and focused.”

“At first, you think it can’t be real, the novelty of a Dust Bowl-era, banjo-led gypsy-folk outfit from Orlando is so overwhelming. “Sure,” you think, “the guys on the mandolin, upright bass and – what is that, a jaw harp? – could get work at Frontierland, but what’s the musical value?” (At least, if you think like us.) Then female vocalists and instrumentalists Lauren Carder and Sarah Elizabeth Patrick come front and center for songs like the foreboding tango “Lady Lovely,” and suddenly the Mud Flappers sound like a genuine local phenomenon. Now, appropriately, they’re nabbing headlining gigs at respectable venues around town and, lo and behold, won Best Folk Act in this year’s Best of Orlando reader’s poll. Who needs Frontierland?”

“The wild-eyed, retro-folk-swing that the Mud Flappers indulge in is, typically, a treat best enjoyed live. The band’s energy is infectious, and even if you’re not the type who typically listens to 90-year-old acoustic music on your iDevice, seeing the band in concert makes you wonder why you don’t.”

"The Mud Flappers, charismatic musicians plucking banjo, strumming mandolin and blowing harmonica. Walking out of the theater as they play their jaunty rendition of “It’s Only a Paper Moon,” you might be tempted to hit the open road yourself."

“Order now reigns over their loaded format and the old-time charm of their songwriting emits clearly, showing that they're more than just instrumental novelty. They're a fully loaded folk outfit that's finally doing the music justice.”