The Muckrakes / Press

“When I heard they were coming out with a new album, I wondered if it would work considering the loss of Melissa Troutman, a woman with a voice that could draw a smile out of the most cantankerous curmudgeon. But sitting with new drummer Dave Jugenheimer (who does not play on the recording) and singer Jon Ownings before their gig last night at Hampton Tap, I started to get a sense that this was a whole new band. That any attempt to compare it to a past version of the band would be fruitless. I don’t know those guys very well, but there was an overwhelming sense of calm purpose to them. As if they had already played the gig and had pulled off a legendary set of music. I could not be more impressed by Pill Shaped Void and this new iteration of the Muckrakes.”

“If you guys don’t know the Muckrakes, you’re living under a rock. They’re one of our most fun and prolific acts. My favorite thing about them isn’t even their easy Americana/country sensibility (which I think is everyone else’s). It’s how consistent they are with every performance I’ve seen." ”

“The Muckrakes CD, "Grandiphonia" is a satisfying listen It is full of fiddles, banjos and is beautifully laden with a glowing rock 'n' roll heart.”

“Clearly getting off on playing, you hear the heart and soul, grit and grime of a collection of individuals. Grandiphonia is a paean to guitars, to mandolins and banjos, to shuffles and stomps, to polyhpony and rhyme. Grandiphonia is a straight-ahead American music record well worth your evenings and dreams.”

“Like the blending of our local, brackish waters and the diverse Hampton Roads population, The Muckrakes, who are on a mission to clean up bad music in general, truly embody the spirit of the Tidewater population.”

“Without a doubt one of the finest and most energetic bands i have ever seen!These folks truly are having fun making very fine warm music.I feel lucky to have seen them.”

“The Muckrakes stand tall and stomp strongly through weedy stagnant undergrowth with deftly articulated songs, lyrical stories wrought from heady memories, and true music-craft.Do yourself a solid; hit a Muckrakes show. Listen to them Live. Refresh your soul. Snap out of it. ”

“The Muckrakes play the sort of country music that you won't often see on cable television or hear on the radio alongside Kenny Chesney and Taylor Swift. ”

“The band has personality to(be able) to play such vibrant instruments and the combination of harmonies and blend of music swept you away to another time when things were simple.”

“I think this type of music is really needed right now to get our priorities back in line and see the simple beauty in things.”


“The Muckrakes were nominated by Portfolio Magazine as "BEST AMERICANA ACT" for 2009”

“I am happy to report that The Muckrakes are a great addition to the Hampton Roads Music Scene. Their rustic sounds shows that they have a bright future.”

“The Muckrakes took the stage by storm a while later and I could barely believe the head count.”