The Movement / Press

“Last night at the Empire was def one of the dopest concerts EVER. Much love to The Movement keep the music and good vibes comin.”

Travis B.

“a BYOB Movement show? where were you guys playing - Heaven?”


“Dear immune system, if you're shutting down could you please wait until after Saturday. The Movement will be here. K thanks <3”

Taelor P.

“Been listening to the album on bandcamp... wow. I am floored. I can't even find my jaw on the floor. Come back to Cincinnati! PLEASE!”

Alex H.

“I lovveeeeee your music, listen to Set Sail nonstop, and if I only got one thing for the holidays it would no doubt be the opportunity to see you guys play w/SOJA at the state theatre”

Courtney R.

“You're right Kentucky didn't know what hit em.. LOVED the show last night!”

Deanna R.

“your music is amazinggg ♥ seriously kept me going the whole time i was away from home!”

Melissa M.

“Saw ya'll in Tha Easy!!!! Thank You for tha Great Show!!!! Ya'll have such a Powerful stage presents with that Irie feel, Man i love'd it!!! I haven't took Ya'lls Cd Set Sail out My radio yet except to put it on the ipod. Thank you, for the music!!!!!!!!!!!”

Brent S.

“Saw you guys in Santa Barbara and Seattle and was crazy impressed. Keep up the beautiful work!!”

Becky A.

“You guys were f***ng amazing!! Just heard about you and already your biggest fan!! Best opening act I have ever seen! Amazing show”

Auz I.

“You guys killed at the Fox in Boulder. I'd never heard of you before but now I can't stop listening to your music. So good. Come back to Boulder!”

Austin P.

“Loved seeing u guys at the Reef...Last night...Soja should open for u.... u guys are awesome!!! ♥”

Amber B.

“you guys were incredible last night in columbia. i was right in front of jordan and you tore it up brotha. you guys were all sick, love the energy you guys bring to the stage”

Matt R.

“Cant wait til Friday to see you guys, last show in Flagstaff i thought you were better then Pepper”

Conner M.

“back to orlando !! I really hope to see you guys soon ! I felt harmony in you as a band and those moves made me go skankin hehe”

Yama L.

“Good things come to good people and you guys are the shit for real...I'm spreading The Movement all over the place.”

Kristin P.

“I've never heard of you guys until 9/3 Club Firestone, Orlando opening for SOJA. I wanna see some more of that energy. You guys rocked!!!!!”

Helen H.

“i got a habit and it involves listening to the movement a copius amount”

Matt K.

“if you ask the question "did you dance during the movements performance?" my answer:"YES.YES I DID" and flipping loved it.I DANCED LIKE THERE WAS NO TOMORROW. and when you tour with slightly stoopid and i see it live, thats the day i talk to god”

Gretchen K.

“my girl made a list of 100 things she loves about me #31: how you make me listen to the movement. hell yeah...”

Will H.

“Saw you guys @ Rev. Hall with G.Love I went for G.Love and left with a new favorite band. Going to Mountain Jam just to see you guys. You rock.”


“hi, you're all amazing. thank you for creating this music and truly feeling it. i feel it. i love it. i listen to it everyday. thanks again guys =) much love <3”


“I am so happy you opened for G Love in Lancaster! You knocked my socks off that night and the CD I bought is amazing! I now dance in my car every morning :)It is a pleasure to add you to my music collection, just sad I had not known of you sooner!”


“yo guys it was so sick that u guys jammed out for damn near 4 hours at reggae j's..much respect for that..def worth that 8 hour drive!”


“You guys were amazing last night. You got it all going on. Don't make me state the obvious... You should be headlining. You packed the house as openers. Come on... what else do you need to know? A packed house is a packed house.”

Lisa M.

“you guys were amazing last night, honestly that was one of the best shows of my life. i just about died when i saw that you're coming to the norva next month. thanks so much for a fantastic show!”


“Waterstreet was amazing and I can't believe I'm saying this.. but in my book you showed up g love like what. If I didn't hate on kansas I would so come see you open for 311. Never thought an opener would become a new fave. ♥ , a brand new #1 fan”

Rachel F.

“Wicked killer show at Waterstreet tonight---Jay and Josh, total truth when I say you are my favorite new band. Keep rocking!! And please, seriously consider Ithaca, you won't be dissapointed!”

Kelly V.

“seriously, you guys were BADASS at the house of blues last night. you guys have awesome music, and have so much enthusiasm for it, You guys make other bands look dull! I LOVE you guys!! I got to hang out with a few of you, and you are all SO nice and sweet! PLEASE come back to Dallas!”

Cassie J.

“You guys are possibly the greatest band i've ever heard. i've been spreading the word about yall to pretty much everyone i know all over town since i got the set sail album. You think theres any chance you might ever make to Memphis?”

Joseph M.

“saw ya'll last night at the cotillion in wichita, my friends and i talked about you all the way home. you guys rock and we loved it. i'm about to buy your album on itunes right now”

Megan M.

“Hey guys, i was at the Wichita show and actually talked to jordan for a bit while 311 was on. You guys are awesome and i wish the best of luck to you guys in your music career. I know you guys will do well. Set sail is sweet.”

Tyler D.

“love love LOVE you guys. me and my girls saw you rock the lincoln theatre down in raleigh on our way down to new orleans back in march, crazy excited for you to come to philly later this week!”

Jenny M.

“yall are. freakin amazing me and my friend been spreadin the word bout yall!! cant wait till yall come to memphis!!”

Fletcher D.

“I remember when you guys played in Knoxville and me and a hand full of my friends were they only people there breakin it down at the World Grotto to you guys....now look at you....straight awsomness..... I knew you guys would do it”

Derek D.

“you guys were my favorite show. thanks alot. i didn't think anyone would play better than umphreys but your show was intense. "and so i light it up"”

Tyler F.

“Never heard of you guys and I was walking by the stage when you were playing and you literally stopped me in my tracks. Luckily it was the beginning of your set and I caught most of it. I was blown away and will be finding a way to see many more of your shows. Thanks!”

Kevin M.

“Saw you at Mountain Jam, loved it. You guys rocked it, hard.”

Jacqueline P.

“seriously , best time ever watching you guys at mountain jam. you guys [ need ] to come to gathering of the vibes.”

Dana F.

“nice vibes i think i found my new favorite band i really love your unique sound. can't wait to hear it live soon.”

Devon H.

“Saw the show at Seacrets and it was truly amazing!!! You are the most down to earth guys and you put on the best show I have ever seen. Looking forward to the show in Philly”

Lindsay R.

“as soon as i heard you guys were in town, we left the rusted root show across town, & headed over there to groove with you guys. you definitely had us hyphy from the minute we walked in there.”

Tarah G.

“sick show in virginia beach last night you guys had the place bumpin'..roll through again soon”

Derek M.

“Just stumbled upon you guys on itunes...all is got to say is friggin AMAZING !! Will see you @ Reggae Fest in Jersey...!”

Shawn S.

“Saw you guys open for 311 last night in kansas and was blown away. Had a blast just watchin. Thanks guys. Will be checkin you out again.”


“tore the peel off the orange in ashville brothas”


“listening to your cd on my ipod makes work a million times more bearable.... love d you at st.pats as usual and can't wait to see you in the spring”