The Moustache Bandits / Press

“Mickey tells The Retort, “This all started out as a joke but people liked it and saw a deeper purpose for the music we played. A lot of people said we were misogynists and perverted and I told them ‘that’s the point.’ Most music on the radio hides the message of how we should act and how women and men should behave, drink, dance and suggests raunchy encounters. We simply put it right in your face to make people think ‘wow, it is kinda messed up that pop music gets away with telling us how to live’. After this realization, we made it our mission to show everyone that Top 40 music is set up to manipulate people, and it’s fun being naughty. Another belief of ours is that every show should be performed like it’s your last… there is no reason you should pay anyone money to watch them just stand on stage… we want to give the highest energy show and remind people that the shows are about the band connecting with the audience.””

“My jaw dropped when the set opened with perfect fiddle playing of The Final Countdown as it transitioned into their song “Horny Hillbilly.” All of this while four masked banditos with mustaches over their masks step out. Less than a year together, you can tell no one just learned how to play their instruments. The band consists of Six-Gauge (guitar and lead singer), Roach (bass and sings back up), Big Daddy HorseCock (violin), and Stroke (drums). The boys are playing a benefit show on March 29th for CI-110 (a measure to legalize marijuana in Montana brought to you by Montana First) at The Filling Station. They are also trying to play on the warp tour, you can vote and check out their tracks here: Warp Tour Contest.”

“The Moustache Bandits love to joke, but they are serious about making music. While their song titles include “I Love Titties” and “Yee-Fawkin’-Ha,” the band thoughtfully designs their music and lyrics to create an “eclectic sound of heavy rock and country music that uses satire on every genre that we include,” according to guitar player and lead vocalist Mickey Guida, a.k.a. “Six Gauge.” The Moustache Bandits recently recorded a self-titled 7-track EP and are having a CD release party on Friday, March 9 at the Zebra, also featuring Cure for the Common. Included in the cover charge for the event is a free CD and PBR, and there will be professional dancers performing on stage with the band. This weekend, The Moustache Bandits are playing at Cactus Records on Friday and the Pour House on Saturday. Check out The Moustache Bandits on Facebook and reverbnation.com/themoustachebandits to stream a sample of their music and watch some rowdy videos.”

“This last Sunday the infamous Bozeman based band, the Moustache Bandits performed for charity at the Bozeman Brewing Company to raise money for Mustaches for Kids.”

“This band performs what I can only term raunch and roll on the irreverent side, and the growing crowd at the Filler loved it. The Moustache Bandits, who perform with mustachioed hankerchiefs over their faces, have stage-name handles to boot. A couple of cowboy-hatted honeys dubbed Puss and Boots strut the stage during the show as well, cooling down the crowd with shots from their six-shooter squirtguns. A Moustache Bandits performance is much more than music — it’s a stage show with such explicit lyrics that a perusal of Hustler magazine right before the show wouldn’t be too out of order. But this band definitely gets a crowd rolling. “Like we’ve said to many people, we are a great date band,” explained the Moustache Bandits in a classic Facebook post. “If you’ve been seeing a girl for a bit, take her to our show. If she doesn’t laugh or cheer once, then she takes herself too seriously and you’ll know for certain you should stop dating such an uptight person.””

“The Moustache Bandits entertained the crowd and the Bozeman Brewing Company donated part of the night's profits to the organization. Organizers say it's an easy way to raise money for a good cause. "'Mustaches for Kids' is like running a marathon for charity except there's no cramping, there's no dehydration, you don't have to train. All you have to do is do what comes naturally and grow a moustache and take pledges throughout the course of the growing season, which is happening now," says Compton.”