The Motet / Press

“The band’s live shows are known for being threehour long dance parties, so it’s not surprising that each track on Dig Deep can get a room full of people dancing within seconds.”

Scott Bernstein - Relix

“The eleven tracks presented on Dig Deep give an overview of the band not as an ensemble but almost as a vibrant family of musicians, continually growing and refreshing itself over time.”

Wildly's World

“Imagine Moby working with the great Fela Kuti and Sly Stone stopping in for a quick minute and the resulting sound would probably be something like The Motet's sixth album Dig Deep. This mostly instrumental album really grooves.”

Sean Condon - Mainstream Ain't So Bad

“Dig Deep pushes The Motet's evolution further toward a more progressive, dance oriented sound, without sacrificing its roots in Afrobeat and Latin Funk. It's a sound that will please fans both old and new.”

Bill Clifford - JamBase

“Their music is spontaneous and vibrant. There is interplay between saxophones and horns, thick basslines and well-crafted drum rhythms all knit together with an electronic overlay. Watts is an exceptional drummer and composer and, as band-leader, the driving force behind the band.”

Hindustani Times

“The Motet's organic melding of jazz, funk, and world rhythms is so delightfully perky that it's impossible not to be captivated by the hypnotic swirl of its sun-drenched refrains.”

The Music Box

“With a clear vision of the Motet's potential, and a solid canon of charted improvisations, Watts isn't shy about tweaking his outfit's lineup, creating an open forum for exploration.”


“The latest release from the Motet IS VERY GOOD. Imagine if Fela Kuti and Weather Report recorded a jam session full of tag-team grooves, then Thievery Corporation remixed the whole thing, complete with trancy dancefloor bombs a DJ-style song transitions.”

Cabeza De Taco

“It can’t be easy being The Motet, where the M.O. appears to be not just making excellent, propulsive, rhythm- driven music that fans can’t resist moving to, but also keeping up with musical trends and incorporating new styles and moods.”

Jackson Hole Times

“With Instrumental Dissent, the band's horns and deep-pocket bass is thrown into a blender with house beats and trance. Result? Slamming, driving grooves played with skill and fire.”

Modern Drummer

“For a tasty treat, forward the disc to "Afrotech," clear some dance space, and enjoy. This thriller, and the rest of Instrumental Dissent sounds the way of a river of chocolate; sweet, smooth, thick and damn tasty.”

Jason Gershuny - Glide Magazine

“An intriguing mix of real instruments and musical technology (many of the tracks were assembled or rearranged by Watts in post-production), Instrumental Dissent is a treat for jazz fans and beat diggers alike.”

The Daily Camera

“You cannot get more musically diverse than the Motet. With sounds ranging from Afrobeat, Afro-Cuban and Latin to good old jazz, this all-instrumental band offers something for everyone. ”

Daily Lobo