Mostafa / Press

“This album is a real breath of fresh air. Make sure to try and catch these guys live to get the full breath of their artistry and passion for real hip hop music.”

"On This Release Mostafa Kills It. Like A Jack Hammer, He Is Relentlessly On Time And He Spits So Much Soul It'll Make Your Mother Cry,"

“On this release Mostafa kills it. Like a Jackhammer he is relentlessly on time and he spits so much soul, it’ll make your mother cry.The beats are simple, but tasteful, always pressing forward, but never boring or lackluster. The stylish drum work leaves plenty of room for Mostafa to weave in and out of the rhythm like a deadly viper, striking unexpectedly with a witty ferocity. The masterfully delivered lyrics shows a man struggling with his station and working to improve humanity which is echoed when Mostafa says, “I’d rather hold onto hope then have those diamonds on my chest.” This record has the feel that starts immediately and carries through as a modernized version of old school “Tribe Called Quest” and “Wu-Tang Clan,” which is never a bad thing. The Calendar Year is expertly layered, so with each listen you find yourself discovering some hook, word, or beat that you missed the last time. The Calendar Year should definitely find its way into your rotation as it”

“Mostafa’s rapping style seems genuine and his rhyme schemes are smartly constructed. When he raps, Mostafa is easy to understand and uses each song to express a different train of thought. I also appreciate that he never wastes a bar as filler, it gives the impression that he spent time really working on the album.”

“Mostafa does himself proud with his very solid 14-song New Beginnings. Mostafa waxes flawlessly and endlessly through song after song about life struggles and tribulations; taking time to salute those who were positive in Mostafa’s realm. Impeccable production makes this record silky smooth, seamless from track to track, almost allowing the songs to flow in an audiobook manner. Mostafa the author tells his stories neatly within the confines of this disciplined structure. One could argue that Eminem influences come through too strongly at times. The similarities though, lend to the performance. Mostafa’s stuff is his own. Lots of Northwest flavor and flare. The proof of this was evident in my favorite track on the album, “Let it Roll,” a 9 1/2 minute crescendo of the entire record highlighted by a Richard Prior snippet. Pick up Mostafa’s New Beginnings at record stores or better yet on the internet at mostafa.bandcamp.com/. Self Released mostafa.bandcamp.com”