The Moonshine / Press

“This Portland, Oregon, quintet gets the musical heritage of my Appalachian Mountains. There is conscious blending of the old and new here, sort of like moonshine in a martini glass...except this works better.”

“A rootsy plucker of a band, and there's a bit more than your typical huggy,hand-holding folk tucked away in their autoharp and banjo strums. Closer to gospel than Lumineers-y fashion folk, dealing with themes of mortality and finding hope in the darkness and the band's massed chorales don't hurt a whit.”

“If I could, I would pay Moonshine frontman Michael Gerard to follow me around with his guitar 24/7 and sing a soundtrack to my life. It would be something like that closing scene in Juno, except Gerard’s affectionate vocals and fetching folk melodies are significantly more uplifting than Michael Cera’s uncertain tweenie rasp. Rounded out with merry marauders on upright bass, autoharp, fiddle, and banjo, the Moonshine is a string band to be reckoned with.”

"Yall were the Bob Dylan to their Pete Seeger man!"

Audience member at Tumbleweed Festival - word of mouth

“Reminiscent of a trip across country, capturing the beauty of traditional sounds...The interplay between the calling vocals leaves the listener needing to sing along. ...moves and transforms to fit into a range of folk-inspired song structures, changing in an almost cinematic way. An example of the folk genre at its most dynamic, the nostalgic sounds within balanced by a crystal clear production. The next time you’re getting ready for a trip out of town be sure that you have this album to keep you company.”

“...the velocity of punk rock with mellifluous traditional folk instrumentation... Levasseur is making authentic, relatively unadorned art in a musical landscape where people absolutely adore bullshit.”

“...more British post-punk than Americana. Are’s & Els gets rowdy at times, but it’s also darkly shaded, with melodies that seem to take shape on the fly...”

“...some of the most engaging, energetic, and original material you’re likely to hear for quite some time... flies by in a whirlwind of incredibly smart instrumentation, songwriting, and melody.”

“...as Pop as Alt-Folk will ever get.”

“The history of folk and rock coming together is indeed long and storied, but in Levasseur’s hands it still sounds interesting and unusual.”

“Levasseur brings a delicacy, intellect and versatility to his compositions.”

“Levasseur's haunting voice and oft-violent strumming do possess rock music's mixture of catchy and edgy. His music is a flurry of emotion, a brutal catharsis released over a lovely tapestry of rich and busy guitar, shuffling drums and various accoutrements such as weaving electric guitar lines, ethereal bells or a dirge-like organ.”

“Having been around the country many times and played in all different types of venues, Michael The Blind has a lot to offer.”

Oregon Music News

“Gorgeous set, this cavernous space feels almost too intimate. Michael’s songs create a rare phenomenon.”

“Michael the Blind whose folky, heavyweight, flute- and oboe-like voice mesmerizes...”