The Monterreys / Press

“It’s fitting actually quite fitting that Charlotte NC’s The Monterreys decided to release a live EP seeing as how word of mouth about this band has traveled due to their live shows. So what we have here are five tracks recorded live in about three hours they said. It’s actually kind of a stroke of genius! The album does a great job with build-up as opener “Malaguena” eases us into the set, while “Machete!” takes us even more in-depth with even more energy. By the time “Rampage” came about I was cranking up the speakers and eagerly awaiting to see what the band was going to do next. In a calculated and well-executed move the band slows the tempo back down with “Wave of Kaui” before re-launching into the finale of “Zeta Reticuli” which may be the only song I’ve ever heard to where I could literally hear an army of zombies marching in my head. But the closer definitely has that feel of a theme song or wrap-up for the album, and the sequencing for the rest of”