TheModusTorn / Press

“TheModestTorn-Half Missing: The hardest part about painting someones portrait is not trying to attain a perfect likeness of the sitter-it's knowing when to stop adding more paint. Turns out that TheModusTorn broached that same issue,albeit with sound,not something squeezed out of a tube. "Suddenly" has an ill-fitting title-slowly uncoiling mumbled sounds from a different place. There's something half-finished or half-missing about this track, and vagueness is not a flaw- it's actually the song's greatest strength. An almost out-of-sync guitar line, and lyrics that may or may not be there at all,seep gently into one another. It's a song that teeters precipitously on the edge of uselessness, but doesn't fall. TheModusTorn stopped at exactly the right moment. It might have been a mistake,it might have been deliberate.......But it worked......”