The Mission Creeps / Press

“Musically rooted in Bauhaus, Smiths and Sisters of Mercy; feels like being in the edgiest record store of 1986, say New York Dolls after a Ritalin-fueled all-nighter locked up with Siouxsie albums.”


“Imagine a blend of The Cramps, Joy Division, Tom Waits, and Ligntnin' Hopkins. Now drench it in blood and make it play a theremin - extremely well - at gunpoint. 'Nuff said.”

Rob DeWalt - Santa Fe New Mexican

“Combine surf rock, punk, and the Doors, topping it off with an eerie dosage of Ennio Morricone–inspired gunfight licks that fit seamlessly into the band's tales of desert-highway depravity”

San Francisco Bay Guardian

“Awash in surf guitar and Arrr’s ability, much like Nick Cave, to switch between seductive narration and a raving yelp, Dark Cells is a richly produced run-in with a band aching for a Quentin Tarantino horror film.”

Rue Morgue Magazine

“It's an open door to some orgasmic music, music that was made in the way Tarantino makes movies, millions of ideas put together reminding us of what we love in music.”

Gonzai Music Magazine (France)

“. . . a little Elvis mixed with some Roy Orbison and Johnny Cash.”

Eugene (Oregon) Weekly

“Ooze out reverb-heavy, slinky music in the fine tradition of “horror-surf” bands like The Cramps and the HorrorPops, creating a creepy, ambient vibe that would make the band’s songs at home on any Quinten Tarantino or neo-noir film soundtrack.”

Niki DeAndrea - Phoenix New Times

“Their haunted shed includes handy tools such as reverb-rich surf music, Phil Spector's wall of sound, R&B rave-ups, blues, honky-tonk, garage rock, psychedelia, exotica, sci-fi soundtrack music, sea chanteys and, well, punk and rockabilly.”

Gene Armstrong - Tucson Weekly