The Missionarie / Press

“I love your depth and passion. I sense you have seen and experienced things that have given you a wisdom and perhaps ma pain beyond your years and yet you also sense and see a path of light and redemption. Time after time touches me in real ways. Add you can rap”

Oona McQuat - ReverbNation

“R&B the way it's supposed to be!”

Maureen Santiago - ReverbNation

“...Chosen One...So poetic and profound...”

Danna Romano - ReverbNation

“As a paintress I love the textures given in your work. Sometimes I feel ( see ) a dreamy landscape, sometimes drawn with raw edges. Love your sometimes sleepy, raspy voice in Time after Time, and When you went Away. In overall I do love the music, different styles/media, too. ”

Philomena Zijlstra - ReverbNation

“The Missionarie is unlike any other musician I have come across... You can tell this is something he has a passion for. ..He's pursuing music because he truly and whole heartedly loves music."”

Nately Moya - Assistant