The Missing / Press

“The Missing, the hard-rock band headed up by Who Killed Marilyn and Dead Even's Christopher Marinin, originally started three years ago as an acoustic project. But Marinin eventually recruited a full group to beef up the sound on 2009's From Ohio to the Grave. The Missing's new EP, At Midnight, just came out, and it includes a cool cover of Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues."”

“Their sound is very well received among the punk rock natives of Cleveland and neighboring states, with many of their shows being played before packed audiences.”

“A firm mixture of Social Distortion, The Misfits, and your favorite alternative rock band, The Missing is perhaps the cure to all the stagnant rock that Cleveland and many other cities have been plagued with. There are no formulas to be found here.”

“Here the guy behind Who Killed Marilyn does much to atone for his emo past. On power ballad "Lead Princess," which would make great closing-credits music for a horror movie, Marinin croons like he's taken notes from Glenn Danzig but doesn't imitate him.”