The Mighty Good Boys / Press

“Amateur zookeeper Stanly Bullbarian described it best with this famous quote”

focks neus

“Mighty Good Boys? More like Mighty Good Git Yer Stinkin Dog Poop Propaganda Pamphlets Out Of My Face! Now let's go eat some chips!”

Editor Letter - Weekly News Press Publishers

“If I ever get these hands on those Good Boys music It'll be like a lil' bull in a candy store”

Sargent Herbert - editorial

“If you want to listen to some great music, you should totally do that”

ancient proverb

“One morning I heard music coming from my refrigerator. I thought I was totally nuts. Then I looked inside and realized that some wise guy had put an iphone in there. Then I turned around and saw a block of cheddar sitting in my iphone dock. That's when I decided to run for Mayor.”

unknown candidate - campaign speech 3.24.11

“A band? I thought it was a dog training company.”

Aye, witness news...

“The forth time I saw The Mighty Good Boys was definitely the least memorable, because earlier that evening I had unintentionally ingested a large quantity of something called roofies, which apparently is a substance that often leads to some degree of memory loss.”

Archie D. Foot - real news paper magazine

“You can quote me on that!”

famous quotations

“Why, do I get to be feel frequently and what this always a feeling of real, how come nobody even be to the having ability, at which allow them so understand this, what specifically are exact things that try a lot to have speaking with a hard?”

introdiction - Excercise to Do your Good Grammer Well and Be an Book Author huh?

“Prove it!”

"Charles" the banana "Goldberg"

“If you like fun music, or if you don't, and if you're not a total ass hole, or if you are, you very well might or might not like this band, depending.”

Ol' Muldowney - Big News Paper

"...one of the most wildest and funnest lowdown sound found around town, the Mighty Good Boys enthrall, entertain, and enrage you all at once, Bruce..."

Bruce - Deer Bruce

“A musical act from Providence, Rhode Island”


“Them boys was mighty good. Done showed up right on time for the show, and most of em weren't even messed up on that weed stuff. Didn't even give me no lip, but for one of em. And then, to ice all the cake off, they played some fine ass tunes, and played em mighty good too.”

Larry Luvzit - The Old Free Press

“I remember watching the Mighty Good Boys play music at a bar one evening after eating dinner with my wife”

a memoir

“... Dr. Larry... who designed thirteen simple experiments... the results of which led us to conclude... The Mighty Good Boys... has a relaxing effect on... polar bears... and conversely... tends to excite... most giant pandas...”

excerpts from various medical and non-medical publications

“I been thinking more and more about getting The Mighty Good Boys tattooed on my behind.”

Richard - Dik's Sporting Goods

“the dumbest thing I've ever seen”

a dog

“Are you sick and tired of coming home at the end of those long and frustrating work days, only to find a bunch of hairy lunatics eating cracker jacks in your bed, singing jazz standards, drinking music out of your toilet, etc.? Well, that's just too darn bad, but I don't know what to tell you. These things have a way of sorting themselves out...”

Nooz Weak

“Why don't tell us who to play yer music!”

Michael Planzonzo - Lunch with the Mighty Good Boys

“I like the Mighty Good Boys and some other stuff too”

Rodney "Big Guy" Fireclock - Autobiography of a Person

“...a tough band to describe. I could tell you that the Mighty Good Boys are a fun band to watch, but I've never actually seen them play, or talked to anyone who has, so I won't do that. I could say that their music has changed my life, but I should probably listen to it before saying something like that. I could tell you that they are constantly taking steroids, or I could tell you that they have a habit of biting people, but that stuff just isn't true, as far as I know. I guess it could be. Gee wiz, I could tell you just about anything but what would be the point? I don't know the first frigging thing about them!”

the cold bear repawt

“...rats...they're everywhere...”

The National Ink Wirer