The Memphis Dawls / Press

“The Memphis Dawls are a local folk “supergroup” of sorts. The trio of Holly Cole, Krista Wroten and Jana Misener have extensive experience with other projects, like Amy LaVere, in the Memphis area, but they started making music together in high school. The Dawls opened for Jack White when he stopped by Memphis this March, and he liked them so much he invited them to tour with him on a few other dates afterward. Can’t blame him for being entranced, though; the Dawls’ romantic harmonies and gothic storytelling tend to get under your skin.”

“Bluff City trio The Memphis Dawls specialize in haunting, lushly arranged contemporary folk that draws inspiration from country, rock and gospel”

“The Memphis Dawls and their take on Americana through a hymnal filter have been building buzz in Memphis over the past year. Offering a wonderful show, the Dawls charm is something not to be missed.”

“With the Memphis Dawls, Cole teams with cellist Jana Misener (Giant Bear) and violinist Krista Wroten (currently playing in Amy LaVere’s band, but also a member of the Heathens) for a prettier, softer folk sound built on lilting strings and harmony vocals. It’s an old-fashioned but timeless sound.”

"Call it cello rock or chamber pop or whatever you want, the debut EP by Cole, fellow Heathen Krista Wroten, and Jana Misener is unabashedly beautiful."

"Utterly unlike anything else happening on the scene today"