The Maw / Press

“...Arguably the single-most thought-provoking band in the state.”

“One thing that makes The Maw such an outstanding collection of musicians is that each is an intense student of music who understands inspiration and creation can (and should) come from everywhere.”

"This band is sick with talent, and very unique. If you like experimental and progressive rock and roll, then you HAVE to check out The Maw!"

"With a debut album like “1937”, THE MAW seems on track to establish themselves as a solid, enduring musical presence in the Des Moines scene, not just another flavor-of-the-month short lived trend. An album like “1937” will still be great in 20 years – there is a hypnotizing timelessness to the songs and a song-to-song cohesiveness that makes this seem less like a self-produced local CD and more like a great classic album."

"Crushingly heavy sludge metal fades out like parting storm clouds letting the sunlight of an elegant piano piece shine through."