The Matt Ingram Band / Press

“First impressions are everything and my first impression of Matt Ingram was complete shock. I met Matt at the Texas Bull in Gainesville, Texas. His smile lit up the entire room and you could tell from the sparkle in his eyes that he was proud to be a Texas musician. There is more to Matt than just the pretty smile, the sparkly eyes, and the baby-face he carries so well. Matt was born in Nashville, Tn., near the Greenhills area. His family moved to Texas when he was about seven or eight years old. Their first stop was Abilene where he resided for about three years. After Abilene, they moved to Lubbock and little did he know this is when his love for music would start to shine. Lubbock is where he first learned to play guitar and also started his first live band. “Lubbock is really where everything got started.” But, it is not where he learned he had such a passion for music...”