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“THE MARY MAJOR is an interesting band from Sweden with a huge sound on their very first album 04:13, which is surprisingly thanks to the mastering by BEAU HILL (!), who of course is a legend from the 80s American Poser Metal scene (WINGER, WARRANT…). Nevertheless, THE MARY MAJOR sounds modern and fresh, very heavy in the guitar department, but also thanks to the mix of a superstrong female singer for the higher vocal range (LOTTA HOGLIN) and a male singer for the lower vocal range (ERIK MOLARIN), this is a very original album in the end. Personally prefer the female singer, who really sounds great. The music of THE MARY MAJOR is modern, yet pure Melodic Heavy Rock with Metal riffs here and there. 10 songs are included and the band reminds a bit of a mix between BACKYARD BABIES, TURBONEGRO and CRUCIFIED BARBERA. Typical Rock and Roll of the present day, so make sure not to miss this band.”

Review in Strutter Magazine

“Definitely check out The Mary Major. This self-produced debut is really high quality in song-writing, in production and in performances, and it will have you rocking out whether you like it or not.”

“The metal scene is so male dominated that when a band comes along fronted by a female with half a decent voice they often gather attention, wheter deserved or not, but are often just not up to par. Fortunately there are exceptions to the rule; Lacuna Coil being a genuinely good metal band that happens to feature a woman on vocals, The Mary Major is another. Hailing from Scandinavia, an area known for its heavy metal, the group merge chunky, simple and heavy as fuck riffs with co-singers Lotta and Erik's vocal styles that though different, complement each other beautifully”

“Fuck off with Evanescence and Within Temptations and even Guano Apes, because Mary Major owns! Follow the link below to read the full review.”

“04:13" is actually a pretty darn good album, that includes 10-songs and about 41-minutes worth of some pretty cool material that has a definite accesibility factor to them. To view the full review follow the link above.”

“It is heavy, it rocks, there are no keyboard meanderings. Just straight forward melodic hard rock and metal, putting yours truly in hard rock heaven. To view the full review follow the link above.”

“The Mary Major have the potential to be real contenders in, and have the ability to recharge, the modern hard rock realm, especially in the American market.”