The Manxx / Press

“Front-girl Sara must fall in and out of love once a month because according to my calculations, “Hard Lessons” is the 179th song she's written about getting jilted.”

“Coming together with both gritty punk notions and jangly power-pop honesty, The Manxx have created quite a fun and easy-going strand of pop-punk that will charmingly work it’s way under your skin.”

“Both “Messin’ Around” and “Hard Lessons” are strong enough to be A sides. Ripping guitars and drums pound out these hyper tracks while an organ and Fischer’s melodies help to set The Manxx apart from every other garage band out there today.”

“These Denver babes are the cat's meow”

"...charming, trebly, stripped-down rocking pop" "Playful confidence combined with a sense of youthful innocence has always set this band apart from other garage-rock acts."

"...five-song, mace-laced, bubblegum-blowing, pulverizing-pop, treble-kicking catastrophe (in a good way) of a CDr for our listening, er... thrashing pleasures"