The Manimals / Press

"[Born Strange has] a very familiar feel to it, but it’s better than the thousands of bands trying to sound like this. This is a very competent band that has a ton of promise and they’re just really kicking into gear."

Media Decay

"This band is one to look out for... Vocally, Haley has the ability to turn from emotion to emotion with ease."

Independent Music News

“On the song 'Blitzed': "My favorite song by any unsigned artist right now."”

Rich Russo, 107.1 The Peak

"Haley Bowery has balls. Not, like, man-balls, but balls as in attitude. On this, her debut album, the 10 tracks fizz and spit with Haley's Juliette Lewis-esque vocals and buzzing background track. [...] Tracks like 'Born Strange' and 'Blitzed' come at you in a storm of guitars and fiery lyrics, whereas 'Jukebox Dive' shows off Haley's softer side. Either way, this shows off the impressive vocal range of the singer - whether in an upbeat punk song or a slow ballad, her voice provides the perfect complement to the music."

Elusive Little Comments

"This is a fine first class debut album for a talented artist and her band who are seriously going places, this could be my album of the year. I loved it from start to finish, everything about this album is amazing."

Parx-e Web Zine

"The album of the year did not come from a mainstream artist... I just want to mosh to this album whenever I get a chance to hear it live. This album is for our generation, the ones that lived [through] Kurt Cobain's death... the music that we go back to, to escape the pop, electro and bullshit hip-hop of today."

Falling Down on the Random

"What Born Strange delivers is a new take on that classic FM sound when straight rock-and-roll went from the studio to the stage with a minimum of production and a maximum of raw emotion. With an abundance of over-the-top performance energy, Haley Bowery doesn't just emerge on the scene here, she takes it over! [...] It's raw, one-on-one music that's so good it makes you wonder... where have the bands like this been for the last 30 years?"

RUST Magazine

"Hard and glamourous... fast-paced rock and roll accompanies seething reckless vocals."

Resonance Indie Music