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“The Man From RavCon once again fills in the missing links between sci-fi soundtrack music, guitar instrumental music and keyboard dominated progressive music... Strange Universe is just a great album filled with imaginative, spiraling instrumental music.”

““Strange Universe” is an intense, well-made & motivating instrumental music album that will please all those who fancy beautiful soundscapes full of fine melodies & atmospheric passages…”

“(On Strange Universe) a seriously Pink Floyd-esque soundscape that’ll chill you right out and take you to weird places... a really strong album of weird, spacey, attention grabbing instrumental music.”

“(on Strange Universe) Melodic, tasteful and polished... Music of this type is often described as being for an unmade movie, but Strange Universe goes deeper than that, and stands up well on its own.”

“(On The Puzzle Master) Orchestration clearly is the name of the game for The Man From RavCon... his feel for color and sense of subtle melodic drama will lock you in. - ★★★★”

“(On The Puzzle Master) an excellent CD with strong melodies and excellent musicianship - ★★★★”

“(On The Puzzle Master) very well written, intelligent and quite enjoyable. If Alan Parsons and Goblin were to jam out and do something unique, they might sound a bit like what Mike Brown has done here.”

“What is striking about his latest record, “The Puzzle Master” is how it differs from 2013’s “Skyscraper.” He isn’t simply rehashing the same ideas. Brown’s records provide fine soundtracks for daydreaming your own mini movies and while “The Puzzle Master” draws on some of the same nostalgia as “Skyscraper” the images it triggers are different.”

“The Puzzle Master is a sumptuous CinemaScope mix of deep Euro prog (Italy, Scandinavia) and more-familiar British prog.”

“When you need the magic of instrumental music to take you into the wonderful land of sonic intrigue, call on The Man From RavCon.”

“(On The Puzzle Master) music to lose yourself in - a cerebral catalyst.”

“(On The Puzzle Master) it’s the type of thing you want to lie down and listen to alone in the dark, just to really take it all in properly.”

“From Balloon's reassuring Mellotron and hummably melodic guitar lines it's a straight-up, classy affair bringing to mind some heavyweight artists, from Mike Oldfield to Vangelis, even Hank Marvin. Brown has the knack of hearing precisely when a line needs to come in or - more importantly maybe - stop, or when a song needs to change direction entirely. Solid.”

“(on Skycraper) "...as funky 'n cool as his earlier work, but the spiraling and soaring tracks transcend the groove-tastic plateau and become uplifting...the most intricate compositions of his career. '”

“Guitar buffs and instrumental prog-rock fans should give a good listen to The Man From RavCon’s Skyscraper.”

“The Man From RavCon has built a reputation for his tuneful, well-arranged compositions and Skyscraper provides further confirmation of his skills. This is certainly an album to be enjoyed in its entirety with its symphonic blend of many keyboards and guitars that recall the exciting days of early progressive rock. Lie back and drift away, it's a safe, satisfying and smooth trip.”

“(on Skyscraper) You don’t have to be a fan of vintage Eurocult soundtracks to dig this, but it probably helps. You don’t have to be a fan of prog rock to dig this (it’s generally not my thing, but I can appreciate it when it’s done well) either, but it probably helps. What you do have to appreciate is intricate musicianship, an appreciation for technical ability and the layering of sound to create mood, atmosphere and sometimes even tension, because that’s where this album really and truly excels and sets itself apart.”

“Sometime through my second time playing it, I started to think of Skyscraper as a journey through time and space, to real and imaginary places the music created in my mind’s eye.”

“(on Skyscraper) Each one uniquely ravishing, you can't help but listen to every song again and again.”

“On Skyscraper: melodic, creative and full of interesting sounds - an enjoyable, interesting work from start to finish.”

“Charlotte composer, The Man from RavCon, knows how to tell a story with nary a word. He recently released the album, “Skyscraper,” which takes its listener on a retro adventure in their mind.”

“The Traveler is an excursion well worth signing on for. And isn't it comforting to know there are still surfing prog-spies out there keeping us safe?”

“The Traveler is no mere mash-up of surfing' spaghetti spies. Instead, Brown has subsumed and transformed his influences, managing to be both nostalgic and completely contemporary. It is his most organic and integrated release to date.”

“The Man From RavCon broke my heart, fixed it, reinvented it and then made it sing with his extraordinary CD, The Traveler.”

“The Traveler captures the sights and sound of the 60's and 70's, while delivering the feel of flying through the clouds. The eleven songs represent some of his best work to date.”

“The Traveler, is one of the most inventive and well rounded instrumental guitar albums of 2012”

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“(on The Traveler) The Man From RavCon certainly has a way with melodies and paints these scenes with skillful use of electric, acoustic and bass guitars as well as organ, Mellotron, piano and synthesizers.”

“(on Rides Again) The Man From RavCon delivers spaghetti westerns with some fine arranging and production. Professional writing and orchestral arranging give the music a film score appeal. Just close your eyes to witness the desert drama unfolding in your mind's eye.”

Phil Dirt - Reverb Central

“(on Everything Is Golden) The Man From RavCon has excelled at conjuring up a number of instrumental surf-rock influences—from Italian film composer Ennio Morricone, to funk / soundtrack wizard Isaac Hayes to a better known sound evoking more well established instrumental rock legends like Duane Eddy, The Shadows, John Barry and more recently Finnish surf rockers Laika & The Cosmonauts.”

“An album that is consistently playable, The Man From RavCon Rides Again! is a soundtrack for your own imagination.”

“(on Everything Is Golden) I’m in a wonderful mood in a wonderful place. Nothing can be better than right here, right now, and I want to stay here forever... Everything IS golden.”

“Everything Is Golden is a tasty blend of surf, spy and spaghetti western music.”

“Everything Is Golden is a very solid release. This is surf and instrumental rock that you can truly listen to and let your mind wander. All-in-all an entertaining disc that should appeal to a wide audience.”