The Maldives / Press

“The late Levon Helm is overtly present in the harmony-drenched, twang-inspired, folksy renaissance that has put Seattle back on the musical map. But few musicians have studied Levon's legacy like Maldives/Sons of Warren Oates frontman Jason Dodson, performing in the Triple Door's Levon Helm tribute night on Sunday with Ian Moore, event organizer Jeff Fielder, Lindsay Fuller, and many others.”

“The Maldives proved themselves to be arguably the most promising roots act to emerge from the Northwest since the mid-'90s heyday of the Picketts.”

Peter Blackstock - No Depression

"Listening to The Maldives play their dusty, rainy-day country rock, one might wonder if this (mostly) bearded group would be better suited to the lonely, expansive corn fields of Kansas than the crowded city streets of Seattle. Geographic incongruity aside, vocalist Jason Dodson, one of the best unheralded songwriters in Seattle, has a keen ear for relating his city blues with a country twang, accenting his voice with ambient pedal steel, fully electric guitars, and the occasional fiddle. The result is Dodson's somber songs of hope and failure, the kind of plaintive, self-reflective stories you'd hear from a heartbroken farm-hand sipping on whiskey in an empty tavern."