The Main Street Gospel / Press

“Main Street Gospel is the type of mystic trip-rock band that makes live music worth living. Even the most devout of electro-heads will fiend to take a place with the good ol' boys under big sky country with a dose of sunshine. The Columbus, Ohio trio of Barry Dean (vocals, guitar), Tito (bass), and Adam Scoppa (drums) are enjoying the year of the Gospel. In a swoop of psychedelic, exponential growth, they've caught the ear of Dan Auerbach of the blues-rock Illuminati, the Black Keys, signed with Tee Pee Records and are ready to hit the road for their first tour.”

"... a band that connects classic rock and druggy psychedelia... Love Will Have Her Revenge is timeless in the sense that it smears the line between mid-70s dirtbag-rawk (with its folk and country influences) and modern revivalism—a song like “Ready to Shine” draws on so much rock history in its satisfyingly narcotic drone and crystalline lead guitar that you’ll feel like the past and present of rock have collapsed into each other. The trio goes even deeper on “I Won’t Be Stayin’,” amping up the Dead Meadow-style stoner riffs while frontman Barry Dean howls into the night sky. Then the MSG turns around and turns out a confidently mainstream rock tune like “Getting Through” or “Losing Sleep,” the latter sounding like Skygreen Leopards having a nice day in the straight world. Stylized but honest, the Main Street Gospel is preaching rock as religion."

“ "This dirty-jeaned trio evoke the endless sunsets of ’70s TV ads, middle-American road trips and melancholic blues blaring from AM radios...A soundscape of dreamy guitar and raw grooves evoking a face-splitting smile, tears of gratitude, and a heart full of hope and loss. One of the truly great discoveries in recent memory." ”

"...A soft pummeling of big, earthy jams, which lumber past the point of lethargy and into a blissful heady crawl...A low-key, sub-stoner, Sunday record that rewards in repeated listens and stops time when looking for the infinite mellow."