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The Magneto Flobe / Press

"Faith No More" is fucking awesome. Original song, Hey? Great vocals. Great lyrics....

Mr. Joe "Bruce Outtake" Jaunty - The Asbury Park Clarion (Swedish Edition)

“Yeah Buddy….(Faith No More) is another one of those that grows on you with each listen. The music , the vocals, and the lyrics have this hauntingly hypnotic quality about them....an angst...a yearning....a sense of the human condition. We can all relate. You hit this one out of the park...”

Mike Baluja - La GaGaceta

“Trippin' to this Beatles-worthy classic Faith No More. Great work on all parts with this superstar cast!”

David Moore - California Cat Fancy

“(Faith No More) Such a wonderful track! It's different for the Flobe, but it's a fantastic track to add to the supreme playlist. The first line really gets me"As I watch the waterfall..sit & wonder why it falls at all." Love that! The musicianship is equally impressive. Well done! Going to hit play again and sit back on this rainy day in Nashville. There's so much substance to this song!!!! Rod Sur'Rod”

Rod Sur Rod - The Nashtucky Centurion

“Fantastic version of Firecracker,there's so much to enjoy on this one..Banjo, Accordion and Harmonica all mesh together so brilliantly, it's a hugely entertaining listen. A great way to kick off any celebratory weekend...”

Michael Charters - Old Moonshine Still Magazine

“God, what a great song on the 4th of July. (da boi's) vocals are amazing on the new song "Firecracker" and the vibe is just perfect to kick off the summer. Great new song Flobes! I LOVE it! So fun.”

Angela "Bam" Trippe - New York Cat Fancy And Pasta Monthly

“Yeah, no doubt, pro work on "Firecracker", all the instrumentation and arrangement, vocals and perfectly intriguing back(ing) vocals are a real deal Firecracker, man!!! And I like the clarity of each channel including fast and furious compressor (da boi) put on it. I felt the hands of the tweaking man... !!!!”

Sharon "SJ" Rachman - Phat As Hell Record Review

“If Garth Hudson, Bob Weir, Paul Butterfield and Hendrix played on the same tune, I think it would sound something like (Firecracker)!!!”

Rex "Yimmer" Reed - Rolling Stoned Magazine

"take your mama"---- (The Flobe have) done it again!!! Yet ANOTHER groove that kicked this white boy's ass outta da chair to bust some nasty moves. The layered vocal weave is a delicious float, the lyrics sweet, sharp and fun, the understated rhythm strum is killer, and the perc pulse forced me (ever so willingly) to play this again...and again...and...

David Namerow - Conga Fancy Magazine

“(da boi) every song from you is a giant in your genre, but in my personal taste "Take Your Mama" is in sound, rhythm and melody smashing all (the way) down. It's so perfect and danceable.....!! Wow!”

Leon B. - German Time To Dance Magazine

“Nobody does the groove and fun vibe better than The Flobe . "Take your Mama" is so cool.. love it boi!!!! Right on time for a partying w/end . Yea!”

Angela Terace Trippe - New York Flower Fancy Mag

“da boi" doin' the blues? Why not? There are no unchartered territories when it comes to The Magneto Flobe. And with an all-star like "TheFiddlah" joining in to lend a hand, the sound couldn't be tighter. Phenomenal lead guitar embellishing the Flobe's latest hit: the toe tapping, hand clapping New New Cream Cake Blues...”

Mike Baluja - La Gaceta

“THE NEW NEW CREAM CAKE BLUES. What an amazing song. The groove, the awesome guitar by John Kirby and finally the vocals make this track become....bad ass”

Jose Moya - Spanish Cat Fancy

“The New New Cream Cake Blues iz makin' me boogie woogie in my birthday suit in the storm drain downtown....lookin like a cool alley cat thanks magneto flobe for the inspiration”

Wermfish - Groovy DJ Magzine

“Brother you never let me down. The New New Cream Cake Blues!! That guitar!! OH MY GOODNESS!!”

Jamie Karris - The Atlanta Journal Constitution

“(The Flobe) have really outdone yourselves with "THE NEW NEW CREAM CAKE BLUES (#3 Ft. John 'TheFiddlah' Kirby)!" There's a special vibe that encompasses the listener once that play button is executed! If only it was available in pill form, because The Masses would be tripping all over each other to get their hands on it! Well done!!!”

Liz Bodwell - The Oregon Trail Blazer Review

“Mia is a groove chef who adds delicious spice and caramel to Rock Me Baby, an anthem of rock/blues as relaxed and sharply drawn as any arrow you allow to pierce your musical soul. And I am indeed, pierced...”

David Namerow - American Conga Fancy Magazine

“You're the Flobe! You can Rock Me Baby and hold me tight any time and on the floor too. LOL, hahaha...Now every one knows. ...=_=... ♥”

Mary "freakin'" Ann - The Jersey Mooch Weekly

"Rock me baby" is a great start to finally hear your awesomely great color (in your) voice, Derek::::)))). The song has a vacation vibe, palm trees, summertime and I'd love to hear this song on the beach. It's like a sunshine warming my back especially now that we are in cold January. So I'm pushing the replay button again::::::)))))

Sharon "SA" Rachman - The Jerusalem Post

“Thumbs up! you got us floating away to a warmer climate than the one we got at the moment! "Rock Me Baby" has a beautiful gentle and lilting vibe that just let's you drift away. Another Flobe gem...”

Arthur Greaves - British Umbrella Magazine

“Another gem from {{{THE MAGNETO FLOBE}}} in "Rock Me Baby" with the usual arsenal of talent that we've all come to know and love plus the superb addition of Mia Lotus! What could be better?!? Mia Lotus | Uke Sam DieAgo | Bass Throdgie Baby | Organ, Vocals da boi (aka Derek Damico) | Vocals, Guitar, Drum”

Liz Bodwell - The Oregon Beaver And Toker Review

“Flobeheads unite!!!...with the release of The Magneto Flobe’s bran-n-n-d new blue-eyed soul number "Can't Touch Ya (SMF #5)." This original was written by Kenyon/derinho/Schnieders, and produced by "da boi." It features Sam DieAgo - Piano, Clavinet | Throdgie Baby - Lead vocals, Keys | and da boi - Bv's, Guitar, Keys, Percussion | with Sour Dweezil - Lead Guitar | Verdine Rheinhardt – Bass | Harry Stillson – Drums. In da boi’s own words, “it has a slightly "out there" piano solo... and an outro with a nod to Billy Cobham's Crosswinds.” This track has gotten a record number of likes and nods from the fans! In true TMF [The Magneto Flobe] fashion, this track is packed with extra touches for your listening pleasure!”

Liz Bodwell - The Portland Rail Blazer

"Can't Touch Ya" is another sublime track in the Flobe catalogue. Soulful funky goodness with just the right amount of mellowness, pure vocals reminiscent of Curtis and Marvin, cool jazzy piano and all underpinned by a seriously intoxicating rhythm...

Peter McCormick - The Last Day On Earth Times & Book Review

“Derek & co! "Can't Touch Ya" is a brill piece of music! At has this classic r'n'b feel and it's also very funky and smooth! The great guitar a la Prince and the piano are fantastic as well! You should make some cool video for it, too with some hot sexy girls! Perfect job, da boi!”

Marek "Chick Magnet" Starx - Slovakian Cat Fancy

"can't touch ya"....once again (The Flobe) have plowed a totally fresh groove that is deliciously percussive and layered in a deceptively simple package. The beauty here for me is the many layers (da boi has) stacked and woven for a funkalicious comp. How ever do you pull this off? (I'll have whatever your smokin')...

David Namerow - American Conga Player Magazine

"Can't Touch Ya?" Can't believe it!?! The Flobe have yet another original song - "Say wha?" Yeah! Shut yo mouf! I'm just talkin' 'bout the Flobe. OK, I'm digging it! Really nice guys - fo real. Now change it back to WTMP...

Harley "Mr. Original" Menendez - The Original Drano Sniffer & World Report

"Can't touch Ya"~when you produce songs of this quality. Deliciously eccentric, it has the usual Flobe appeal in abundance. Great vocals from Throdgie~do I hear a George Michael influence in there somewhere? Really liking the way it's been arranged~Quality mixing as well. Missing the cowbell though! lol.~Well done to all involved...

Paul Dunn - British Cat Fancy

"Well, now that I'm mellowing out from the initial high I got off Throdgie's vocals, I can focus on a couple of other outstanding elements in "Can't Touch Ya.: The lyrics and the guitar riffs immediately come to mind. The production, of course, is as crisp as we've come to expect from da boi, and the elements that are coloring the background are all in sync. And I know that d has been waiting for a special moment to break out that WLCY clip in the beginning. That was the perfect spot, my man, with added significance to those who enjoyed Tampa's best top 40 station of yesteryear...

Mike Baluja - La Gaceta

“Love the fabulous folky sound of John Barleycorn. Reminds me of Fairport Convention coupled with ex-Beatles solo work (McCartney's first solo album particularly)...”

Rebecca Brunati - The Italian-Welsh Daily Music Review

“I was elated upon making the discovery that there is a brand new THE MAGNETO FLOBE track to savor! From the name and cover art alone, I could tell that "JOHN BARLEYCORN" was truly going to be something to behold! Then, to find out that "Sir" Chris Ingram had left his royal mark on this centuries old traditional Tale of Yore was the ultimate icing in the cake! The trio of Chris, Throdgie Baby and "da boi" takes the vocals to new heights! I have fallen in love with this true treasure of a song! Blown away, am I!...and in awe of the plethora of talented souls who contributed to it and made it into the Work of Art that it is!”

Liz Bodwell - The Portland Trail Blazer

“...the new song "John Barleycorn", wonderful collab work, Chris is a great new addition to work with the Flobe team, lovin' the vocals, arrangement with that sweet flute!!”

Kim Guthrie - Cat Fancy

“Well, well, well...I see (da boi has) added British Folk to the Americana/Alternative/Rock genres. What a pleasant surprise. Proof positive that The Magneto Flobe defy categorization. Great job on this tale of barley personified.”

Mike Baluja - La Gaceta

"People Get Ready," yeah. Msgr. Superfly in da Flobe church! The pews are filled with parishioners who are suddenly overcome by the uncontrollable urge to shake their booties and wave their arms. Better than any rapture.

Howard Lawrence - The Washington Pole

“Yes!! Yes!!! People get ready!!! Indeed love it!!! Da Boi and Kenny!!! Just Beautifully done so happy to hear this today... l bless you both immensely talented and so well done! You guys just rock! So Grateful to be your fan and friend much peace and success...”

Lisa Seda - NY Sweet Thing Magazine

“(Da boi has) a great choice of covers as well as an excellent choice of whom (he) collaborates with. "People Get Ready" is one of my favourite all time classics and it's been a pleasure listening to this latest work... My congrats to Throdgie and Kenny for performing the song so well and also for (da boi's) part and everyone else involved...”

Paul Dunn - Flobe Fancy Magazine

“Again (The Flobe have) worked (their) magic on a song and it's come out shining as bright as a polished gem. Wonderful instrumental arrangement and evocative vocals. Man, (The Flobe) capture the very essence of a piece and make it (their own). Bravo, maestros! Peace and love to ya'll...”

Salariatus - The Houston Pie Thrower And Classical Daily

“People Get Ready sounds great... Vocals, guitar work, bass, and of course, Throdgie's beautiful organ work. All in all, a very powerful rendition. Curtis is smiling down on all of you, and saying thank you for spreadin' the word...”

Mike Baluja - La Gaceta

"People Get Ready" is another wonderful collaboration of great and intuitive musicians who don't take themselves too seriously - but who are seriously good and this is a gorgeous and loving cover...

Chris Ingram - The Lost Sir Paul Tapes Review

"Use Me..." getting bitch-slapped with AutoTune in a crowded party room is definitely worse than getting that inguinal tattoo at 3AM from an intern on crank...

Howard Lawrence - The Washington Posterizer

“What a terrific song - "I Believe You" is just a winner - great tune, exciting beat, superb guitar, expressive vocals and a storyline that guarantees you'll listen to the end in any case. I really admire what (The Flobe) do...”

Chris "Paul 2" Ingram - The Apple Records Archive And Review

“Love the guitar work (on "I Believe you") which is highly effective throughout. Good romantic storyline~Delicate and touching lyrics. All very nicely performed, arranged and produced. Should appeal to every Flobe around the Globe...”

Paul "Dunny Boy" Dunn - The Tin Pan Alley Cat Fancy

“The great dry sound of the snare and the guitar-hymn at the start (of "I Believe You") and than this freaky and great chorus, the delay sound, the keyboards, the complete crazy guitar (is this man from outer space?) ...boi...we LOVELOVELOVE this song!!”

Dani (Chordjacks) - Deutsch Welle

“My GOD it's a revival!!! I joyously accept the Magneto Flobe into my heart and soul . . . 'I Believe You' too!!! Amen!!!”

Fine Lace - The Kansas City Here I Come

“I believe You... may i first and foremost cherish the wonderful lyrics? Of course the music is as beautiful. A bitter sweet summer hit. Smoking organ sounds and great guitar play. Love both of your voices. Fabulous work, D & T. & friends...”

Klaus "Kappi" Kappes - The Duckledorff Times-Picayune

“Awesome new tune for all Flobieheads to hear. I Believe You!!! Exquisite guitar and keys, topped by awesome lyrics and vocal harmonies!!!!”

"Brother" Kenny Heroux - The Arkansas Traveller

“Always nice to hear the Flobe break out an original. Sam, Verdine, and Sour provide a tight rhythm/lead for Peter's (Throdgie) rich vocals. And da boi does what he does best...ties it all together. Nice addition to the catalog...”

Mike Baluja - La Gaceta

“I'd like to thank The Magneto Flobe for allowing me to step into their wonderful world of improvisational funk on Use Me. I had a blast working with the band. I'd also like to thank all the Flobeheads who stopped by here, and by my page, to offer your positive feedback and support of our efforts. The Flobe has a large and loyal following, and it was pretty amazing to witness firsthand how many fans respond to their releases. I'm very grateful for all the connections I made through our association. It was a very exciting and productive weekend. Special thanks to da boi for his tireless efforts in making these recordings happen and for working hard to insure that they have a chance to be heard.”

Mike Baluja - La Gaceta

“Fantastic groove on USE ME, (The Flobe) are a hit factory. Love the organ riffs and the amazing job on the vocals...”

Jose Moya - La Paella Valenciana

“Baluja and Throdge are golden on Use Me, and man - those horns and the organ drive it behind those in your face vocals. Great mix, too!”

Tom Hedrick - The Minnesota Bluegrass Review

"Use Me" - (I'm) becoming a Flobe addict - (I) have to listen to each track to the end - always engrossing...

Chris Ingram - British Cat Fancy

“Great version of "Use Me". Loved Mr. Withers! Really liked the modern twist while protecting the original feel of the song. Well done (Magneto Flobe)...”

Mike Vinson - USA Today

“USE ME...Woha...funky stuff. Conjures up Richard Roundtree, black leather jackets, ridiculously large cars....and mean menacing sexy looks. A blast. Love it.”

The Highland Pipe and Golf Report - Steve Inglis

“Listening to (the) latest Flobies (tune) (Use Me) - Somebody keep derinho off that funk switch! - He never turns it off!!! Cool groove as usual. Great stuff...”

Julian Wilson - The Toon Army Brigade Tiimes-Picayune

"USE ME"... this one's really hot. While Mike and D are rather the cool ones... Throdgie is the red hot peppery one. All vocal parts complete each other perfectly. Great Latin funkiness from the brave people of Flobania. Love (The Magneto Flobe's) works as always...

Kappi Baby - The Ships of Gold Monitor

“What a great laid back jam, Dropping Rain! And how could it get any better? Walken on COWBELL! Hat's off the magnificent Magneto Flobe! Another winner!”

Spent Fixer - The New York Times

"Dropping Rain" is giving me the feeling that the sunshine is going to come after the rain. Also, giving me the urge to go shopping, Or taking vacation to tropical places.It would be a good starring song for a romantic comedy taking place in Caribbean island...

Sharon "Big Mama" Rachman - The Jerusalem Post

“Dropping by for "Droppin' Rain" Da Boi. What fantastic groove. Andrew Austin rocks it too! LOVE EVERY DROP...”

Patricia Girl - The Econogyngle Report

“Great collab with Dropping Rain! Always enjoy the level of musicianship (The Flobe) put into (Their) songs.. Another gem on an inspiring playlist...”

Mr. Jonathan Tambe - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“I came back for some live action from The Flobe! Droppin' Rain is so good and it shows off the skills of one of the coolest bands on RN! I'd love to hear an entire set of you guys!”

Sur Rodenstein de la Noche - The Nashville Night Centurion

“Listening to 'Droppin' Rain' - Musically attractive stuff my Magnetic buds... Lovely vibe to the whole thing. Sort of loose sophistication going on. Love that guitar work throughout...”

Julian Wilson - The Watch Tower Music Review

“I'm just feeling like I'm in the crowd listening to this amazing rendition of Droppin Rain! Just wonderful to listen to...”

Roberto "Lil Monk" Cordero - Downbeat Magazine

"Droppin' Rain" makes me want to skip on the lake in front of my house. The Dead meets kevin gant with a sprinkle of blind melon with more melancholy and mojave 3 blazing in the xmas snow. : ) Flobe is always the besssssssssssss!

Ringwerm - Bad Ass DJ Magazine

“I don't want to work on junior's farm no more! I just want to listen to this great playlist before I fade away into a 5AM sleep jouney. (The Magneto Flobe) remind me of Polaris from The Adventure of Pete and Pete, some Dinosaur jr. even some Sonic Youth in their medieval days of daydream nationgoo. But most of all you sound like (The) Flobe. Gonna bust out my flobe hair cutter and attach it to the shopvac and turn it into a magneto microphone...”

DJ's Ovalteen and Superfecto (Ringwerm) - The Lake Elsinore Review

“St.Patty is In West Tampa tonight, and he's a sucker for funk. That little leprechaun in me thinks he can still do the robot when he listens to The Abstract Truff. This is a cross between Ohio Players 'Skin Tight' and Herbie Hancock's 'Chameleon' , and I know you know how funky that is.”

Mike Baluja - La Gaceta

“Kickin' my Saturday off with the smooth sound of Magneto Flobe's "Droppin' Rain". The all star cast has come through once again... Love the laid back feel of this mix, including of course, Pablo's outstanding lead guitar. Thank you Throdgie, Pablo, Gonzalez, Austin, Walken, James, and derinho for the wonderful music, vocals, and production. Thank you Fernando Garcin, for the poetry...”

Mike Baluja - La Gaceta

“The Abstract Truff: a phrase which has now become synonymous with funk. Although there are elements of jazz, hip hop, rock, and electronic that run throughout it's modernized and experimental framework, it's essence is that of funk....pure, base thumpin', guitar lickin', booty shakin' funk...Magneto Funk. Can you dig it?........I KNEW that you could.”

Mike Baluja - La Gaceta

“As per usual (The Abstract Truff is) stellar. A most excellent production. Every part of the song is completely in the pocket. Nothing has been wasted. This is how a great song is put together. From stem to sternum. How do (The Flobe) do it? What's (da boi's) secret? In any event it is a tapestry weaved by masterful minds and hands. I am amazed everytime... Another great masterpiece...”

Mack (AITG) - Modern Home And Gardening

“Absract tuff love it! Another great testament to (The Flobe's) diversity and talent. A Classy track with a smooth vibe and feel, like the mix of the instruments played so well..”

Lisa Seda - Paris Match

“What a pleasant surpise. I'm used to the ambient electronic/funk/latin/soul/jazz that has come to characterize (The Flobe's) sound. Instead, what I'm hearing in "The Flobehead Lullaby" is a Ron Wood-ish Freewheeling' Predominantly Acoustic Gem. I say predominantly, because towards the ending refrains it appears to transform into the traditional Flobian dreamlike state. Guess what I learned from it all is what I should've known already when it comes to The Magneto Flobe...Expect the Unexpected. Great job...”

Mike "Mr. West Tampa" Baluja - La Gaceta

“Flobehead lullaby, great song showing yet again the diversity of colors/style and musicality , awesome vocals that are smooth and distinct with the delivery and positive message. Always a joy to listen to (The Flobe) great band!!”

Lisa Seda - The Gorgeous Times

“We r def all climbing that wall together and rockin out with these FLOBES!!! Flobehead Lullaby ROCKS! GREAT work/lyrics! Forever FLOBIN!!”

Joey "B. Goode" Pliskin - The Lantern

“This lullaby is my song & my easy chair. Wish I was in your flobby basement, dancin' blind, going nowhere & having fun. Lovely!”

Fernando "El Sexy" Garcin - Wha? Magazine

“Derek?! Derek!!! Oh yes. . .there's no sleeping before i listen to this one :) Very sweet new tune by Howard & you. Taking 'The Flobehead Lullaby' into my eve...”

Lacey "Sweet Thing" Lace - Midwestern Playboy Magazine

“Lullaby workin... That there's some serious Cherry Garcia. Sounds like layin' on my back in the summer sun surrounded by furry animals. Aiiight.”

HL Menken - Cat Fancy

“Let all Flobeheads zone to the soothing sounds of The Flobehead Lullaby... lyrics are classic (Howard Lawrence). It may sound cliche, but I must say- "Sweet dreams are made of this"!”

Chris "Zeus" Martinez - The Texas Tornado Times Tribune

“Another gem from Magneto Flobe, "Flobehead Lullaby"! More entertaining music from the best Americana band east of the Mississip!”

Mustang Corners - Best Americana West Magazine

“The Magneto Flobe (are) hitting on "Country Music" with their lovely song Flobehead Lullaby ::::))) I love that (The Flobe) do it with (their) own flavor and (their) own style. FEELS LIKE (the) FRESH SMELL OF THE SEA TO ME...”

Sharaon "Bad Mama" Rachman - Israeli Vogue

“(The Magneto Flobe) sure have a fantastic Americana sound " The Flobehead Lullaby" captures sunshine with awesome vocals and pure delight.”

Chuck Brunicardi - Cali Bad Ass Magazine

“Another fine addition to the Magneto Flobe canon, "The Flobehead Lullaby" is a gorgeous gentle dreamy acoustic song. Would fit perfectly on Workingman's Dead or American Beauty...”

Peter McCormick - British Popular Mechanic

“Awesome new track yo! "The Flobehead Lullaby" rocks! It's got that Grateful Dead kind of vibe too, love it!!!”

The DJ's of Ringwerm - The Cali High Times Review

“(The Magneto Flobe's) music is excellent, reminiscent of The Byrds. Really creative songs and great vocals. I love "The Flobehead Lullaby"”

Bronwyn Gray - British Vogue

"The Flobehead Lullaby" is a great little sing along drinking kind of song!!! It's got me singing along!!!

Billy Band - Down Beat Magazine

“...'Curtains' - Another genuine piece from Magnet Derek and his Merry Band of Fellows! I love the simple arrangements that allow the performance to connect so much to the listener...”

Julian Wilson - The Hooligan Press

“i love this song 'curtains' (a cover of ole elts)-your version has a really john lennon vibe to it.BRILLIANT!!!”

Boris Karloff's Cat (Hilrant) - The Wiffle Tree Daily

“Believe it or not, I had never heard (Curtains) before. I knew it had a very British feel to it, but I had to google it to find out it was an Elton John cover. I have to agree with an earlier comment...it sounds very Lennon, which is something that's hard for me to resist. I fell in love with the mood immediately. Another job well done MF...I can see the lighters flickering during a standing O at the end of the song.”

Mike "The Bard of West Tampa" Baluja - La Gaceta

"Curtains", such a touching song - I love the warm quivering sound, the thrilling vocals are awesome, yes, you night think of lennon, but at the same time the late 70s dylan crying with rage & emotion. Beautiful percussions!

Fernando "The Great Fern" Garcin - La Paella Valenciana

“Curtains is KILLER LIVE FLOBE, man!!! GREAT track from the archives!!”

Joey "B. Goode" Pliskin - The Lantern

“Hey Flobies, CURTAINS is my absolute favorite track. This is more than just a cover, it is a revival of John Lennon. Fantastic song and awesome vocals...”

Jose Moya - Spanish Bad Culo Magazine

"Curtains" ... a wonderful Song. Love the vocals and especially the way the song builds so carefully up to the end and slows down again. (it) very well deserves applause at the very finale :) Applause as the final curtain. That makes sense to me... Thank you for the music, Derek and friends...

Klaus "Kappi Baby" Kappes - The Duckledorff 709 Express

"Curtains" had me hooked. Great lyrics and a very pleasant overall sound that was all very nicely Flobish...

Paul Dunn - Great Songwriter Weekly

"Curtains" made me dive deeper into my thoughts and then as the song goes on, I sort of disappeared and only my thoughts were left. I think this is a good song for hypnosis, Flobe::::::))))

Sharon "Bad Mama" Rachman - The Jerusalem Post

“Live At Budokan...Curtains is pure melancholy bliss! Love how (The Flobe) can make me feel like partying with Zip It Up, then make me reflective with a gem like this! "oh, ohhh, oh...”

Sur Rod - The Nashville Black Cat

“Absolutely captivated by the Lennon-esque "Curtains!" (da boi) really captured a magical moment...”

Spent Fixer - Paris Match

"Curtains" has such a melancholy, mellow vibe going on that it instantly draws you in, and makes you reminisce over past memories, inspiring...

Kim Guthrie - The Ohio Player

"Curtains" is so amazing. I can't believe it's live. Sounds so studio perfect. Great talent... Always impressed!

Roberto "Lil Monk" Cordero - Down Beat Magazine

"Curtains (Live At Budokan #4)" is a psychedelic folk soul gem of the highest order. Forget Bob and Cheap Trick this is the best track to wear the Budokan label...

Peter McCormick - Rolling Stoned Magazine

“If Bacharach and David wore tie-dye and danced around with flowers in their hair they might have liked to have come up with The Flobe's "Lil Angel."”

Howard Lawrence - The Mars Excursion Primer

“(The Magneto Flobe's) music should be time capsuled as the embodiment of mankind's finest Rock/Americana/Psych sounds and how they are ideally meant to feel. What (they've) created here is a celebration of music and culture. Sounds a grand thing to say, but I'm being sincere. The whole list flows effortlessly together (okay, I've not heard all 66 yet, but will, because, not to finish this particular ongoing trip would be just plain silly). Superb!”

Exile Pots - The Potter's Field Quarterly

“(The Magneto Flobe) should be so proud of (their) new song "Lil Angel", it sounds so so nice, beautiful arrangement, touching lyrics and tender, heartfelt vocals, really love this new one! (The Flobe) have such a musical connection it seems like this comes easy for (them) so much talent!!”

Kim Guthrie - Cat Fancy

“Lil Angel ... musically a treat. Touching words and Throdgie deluxe performance. A wonderful slow intro and the jazzy piano outro is as cool. What a great first and fully flobish way to start the year, Derek, Throdge, Tom & friends...”

Klaus Kappes - The Duckledorffian Daily Diary

“Kickin' off 2014 with one of (the Magneto Flobe's) strongest suits ("Lil Angel")...a heart wrenching ballad...one with all the elements that made This Way Again such a masterpiece: a storyline filled with an angst and melancholy that unfortunately, too many of us can relate to, combined with a hauntingly beautiful melody, and superb instrumental embellishments throughout. Funny how despite the pain that your lil angel has inflicted, you can still manage to show the strength, understanding, and compassion to offer the option of friendship. True love indeed...selfless...”

Mike Baluja - La Gaceta

“LIL ANGEL... beginning with the beautiful intro and leading into the wonderful vocal harmonies...I think (The Flobe) have another winner! Great song!”

Miss Dolly - The Hello Dolly Polliwog

“G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S...Lil Angel Is delivered by the best team of musicians! Throdgie baby vocals give me chills! Producer Derek produced a gem! I'm hitting the play button again!!!”

Sur Rodenstein de la Noche - The Nashville Centurion

“Lil Angel is a great effective and sad love song, that is written very well, and works very well with great music to send it soaring!”

Heleana Maria - The Hellenista

"Lil Angel" ... ...(The Flobe have) pulled off a right little gem here. Great work...the song is both melodically and lyrically strong.."Sometimes the world can spin around too fast"...a great Flobe around the globe line! Very good vocals...in fact very good everything!

Paul Dunn - The Songwriter's Studio Review

“Lil ANGEL, so. So beautifully composed from the ease of the wonderful piano and the melody is heartfelt and the vocals and harmonies are a brilliant love this song and will share it on my face book page so all can hear . Again (The Flobe) always manage to beat to (their) own drum and rise to the occasion , bless (them)...”

Lisa Seda - Cool Chick Quarterly

“On behalf of all the Roosterfarians let me say just how freakin' cool (The Flobe's) latest (Lil Angel) tune is. It evokes mellow, good vibrations... like a warm summer breeze; it's just what this cat needed on a cold winter day. Let all Flobeheads rejoice!”

Chris "Dry" Martinez - The Daily Roosterfarian

“What a nice holiday treat, (From The Flobes) ... speadin' (the) Christmas cheer with "It's Christmas Eve." Although I don't think I'll have a chance to see the snow down here, I will certainly be dippin' into the sherry sooner than later. The battles have been fought and the presents have been bought...time to sit back and enjoy the view.”

Mike Baluja - La Gaceta

"(It's) Christmas Eve"... beautiful song with great vocals and original style as always... (The Flobe) never disappoint!. Touching ending reminding us all that within everyone there still remains the child... during Christmas..Thank you for this gift of a song...

Lisa Seda - The Beautiful Dreamer

"IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE" ...fantastic, ambient, which remind on some songs of THE BEATLES...yes, this is compliment and true :-)...

Jose Moya - The Spanish Fly Paper

"It's Christmas Eve" ... typically I'm quite bored with christmas songs but THIS one is adorable!!! Also the ending is very cute:) Merry Christmas, to the Flobonauts, friends, fans, relatives. Thank you for the wonderful music and of course the offer to join you on LITD which is one of my fav songs in 2013...

The Evil Twin, Cousin Kappi Baby - The Duckledorff Examiner

"It's Christmas Eve" - Nice tune... great mood and wonderfully composed. Great original tune. (The Flobe) truly bring in the Christmas spirit...

Ashton Haze - The Purple Microdot Review

“SUPER COOL new Christmas single!! LUVIN the vibes with (It's Christmas Eve), man!! FLOBES!!! YEAHHH!!”

Joey Pliskin - The Buckeye Beat

"It's Christmas eve" is one of these songs you wish it could go on and on...

Synthdreams - The Daily Dreamer

“Feel like I've just been to a festival. And, I mean that in the classic sense. So much going on here, and in so many ways... (The Flobe) create an atmosphere of communal celebration. Past and present inseparable. Magic, and beautifully played...”

Exile Pots - The Potter's Field Picayune

“Behold! Come all ye faithful, gather around this newborn original tune!.. I'm loving it! Such a happy, festive vibe! Great ending! Let it Flobe, let it Flobe, let it Flobe.....”

Sur Rodenstein de la Noche - The Nashville Black Cat Fancy

“(It's Christmas Eve) The Flobe's new tune... is the perfect christmas gift to all of us!”

Chris Martinez - The Dry Gulch Express

“I love "It's Christmas Eve!" Reminds me of one of my favorite bands, Negativland! But (The Flobe) are more musical! I just love Flobeland! I could spend days here!”

Spent Fixer - DIY Magazine

"It's Christmas Eve" ...always in the mood for some new Holiday music, love the lyrics, and the shimmery vibe, sweet ending also with "Away in the manger"

Kim Guthrie - The Ohio Player

“It's Christmas Eve is a great original tune... should become a classic holiday song....”

Kenny Heroux - The Texas Tornado

“It's Christmas Eve is a damn good holiday song!!! Love the bells!!!!”

Billy Band - Rolling Stoned

"Winchester Cathedral"... (The Flobe's) excellent cover of this 'sixties' classic, originally by The new Vaudeville Band brought back many happy memories of this time for me. Haven't heard it for years, but (They) did a great job... and I also particularly enjoyed "Juniors Farm" as well. ...I'll be back for sure. Fascinating bio...lost me at times...but that's terribly easy!

Paul Dunn - The Hammerstein Hambone

“...listening to 'For The Turnstiles' - Yes the Neil Young edges are working beautifully again Maestro D!. Funky shakers, full backing vocals reinforcement widening the whole thing out to spiky and smooth complimentary guitars. Nice!. I didn't know you were THIS great mate!”

Wilson & Dunn - The Hammerstein Hambone

“...really connected with "This Way Again"..This is excellent writing..extremely good vocals and musicianship...very clever arrangements with quality production. Such an impressive playlist...”

Dunn & Wilson - The Hammerstein Hambone

“Throdgie Baby, Tom, and da boi be trippin' on (With a Smoke). It is the absolute wildest joyride The Flobe has taken us on. Trying to find a pattern to latch on to is futile. All we can do is go with the flow. "It's like a loop machine" backed up by Jim Morrison, The Mothers of Invention, and Jay-Z.”

Mike Baluja - La Gaceta

“Better garde your avant with "With A Smoke." How can you tell you're really dreaming when you're only in a dream state?”

Howard Lawrence - Cat Fancy

"With A Smoke" is another fantastic piece of work (by The Flobe) and is truly alternative. Fuses jazz, beat poetry, soul, hip hop, and avant garde rock in a very satisfying and enoyable manner indeed...

Peter McCormick - Rolling Stoned Magazine

“Finally got a chance to sit down and listen to the Flobe's latest concoction. I see by the comments that I am not the only one hearing a bit of modernized Zappa in this one. Trippy, dreamy, experimental, and psychedelic are words that immediately come to mind. This is as abstract a piece as I've heard from you guys. You have been known for your improvisational mindset, and with on "With a Smoke", you've redefined your boundaries, or should I say, your conviction to not be confined to boundaries. Bravo, boiz...you have now successfully stepped into yet another dimension of sound. And now I must ask the obvious: on what planet can I get some of that smoke?”

Mike Baluja - La Gaceta

“That's a smoke after my gusto :) I feel competently psychodelized and zapparized and beefheardized too (when I think over it)...”

Art "The Mutemeister" Lip - German Avant Sounds Magazine

“(With) a Smoke...The Flobe laying down some original funk only the way they know how! Id love to see (The Flobe) live someday! I bet that would be one insane experience!”

Sur Rod - The Nashville (Black) Cat

“Derek is on the trail of Frank Z. and the brother Shulman and Wakeman, Anderson etc. - the bare names are big compliments! Like it...”

Martin "Lefty" Stein - The Flamenco Guitarrista Magazine

"We be up in da club"... (With a Smoke) Got me trippin' on this funky, intergalactic fusion of mad geniuses at work! Space age cool vocal effects! Lyrics cool as hell! The way the beats change is the sh#@t! (The Flobe) did good! Only one thing to do, hit play again!

Sur Rod - The Nashville Night Centurion

“Hey... (The Flobe) have made a cool and special song again... "If U want me 2 stay" is a fresh and good sounding song with coooool vibes. Great guitar and vocals. As usual you never know where " The Magneto Flobe" takes you in their fantastic musical universe...”

Jan Schnell - The Fogelbergian Digest

"If You Want Me 2 Stay" -- just loving how (The Flobe are) mixing the Latin and Pop. SWEET! And... ...(The) singing is amazing...

Roberto "Lil Monk" Cordero - Down Beat Magazine

“The Flobe doesn't create covers but reimaginings. Derek da boi is certainly the ringmaster du jour. There's a vision here that might be too bright for some, too dull for others, but for Flobeheads that vision is hyperacute. I'ma take me down to Junior's Farm ridin on Helen Wheels.”

Howard Lawrence - The Washington Postal

“Listening, Liking, & Loving! "If U Want Me 2 Stay" is freaking amazing! Instrumentation, horns, vocals create a feel that takes me away! Am I at Mardi Gras? This is a fiesta! Cheers to The Flobe! You guys are pure magic!”

Herr Rodenstein de la Noche - The Nashville Cat Fancy

“Lovin' "if you want me 2 stay" - cool rhythm & vibe... the guitars are great - I love the vocal delivery, sometimes laid back, sometimes provocative - a mover!”

"El Fer" - La Paella Valenciana

“(The Flobe) have continued to find ways of resurrecting our classics...and of breathing new life into them. "If U Want Me 2 Stay" has always been one of my favorite Sly songs, and I've gotta tell you, what (The Flobe have) done with it has magnified the diversity of multi genre appeal that Sly himself was able to establish with his technique. The Magneto Flobe is rapidly becoming one of those bands that transcends the confines of other bands that do covers. (They) have discovered the formula for making new hits out of old hits. Even though (They) sound nothing like them, what (The Flobe does) with these covers reminds me of what bands like Manfred Mann, The Byrds, the Stones, Vanilla Fudge and even Elvis were able to do with other artists' songs in the past. They just worked out ways to make them their own. Loved the vocals (lead and back up), piano, lead guitar, percussion, and production on this one... loved it all!!!”

Mike Baluja - La Gaceta

“Junior's Farm is a sweet Flobe Rocker... Great sounds and rhythm... Excellent vocal harmonies,.. I'm heading to the farm !!!”

Kenny Heroux - The Texas Toaster Weekly

“If (Junior's Farm) doesn't get you in a good mood, not sure what will? Such a cool, fun song that has me dancing right along... you guys are so crazy, talented... Always love hearing your new material!”

Kim Guthrie - Popular Mechanics

“(The Flobe) did an excellent job on (Junior's Farm), the *Day Tripper phrase in the opening stage, is worth all the money....CLEVER!!!!!! great great cover, yet Flobe to the bone!!!!”

Vincent Pablo - Dutch Bad Axe Magazine

“Rockin' to the newest Flobe cover of Junior's Farm. I believe Sir Paul himself, would be proud of the job (The Flobe have) done with it...let's go, let's go!”

Mike Baluja - La Gaceta

“Diggin' on "Junior's Farm" tonight!! The Flobe never fail to produce superb cover tunes!! Here's another gem that's a MUST LISTEN!!”

Scott Sullivan - The Arkansas Traveller

“Jammin' to Junior's Farm! Great song choice, done in Flobe style grandeur! Really love that ending: Jet Airliner...sheep and all...”

Rod Sur Rod - The Nashville Cat Fancy

"Junior's Farm" ... (is) straight forward and (The Flobe) sound so relaxed and just jamming along. A lovely Flobe version with positive vibes... Wunderbar! Tom's Beatles intro line is cool. Vocals are top as always...

Klaus Kappes - Deutsche Bad Axe Magazine

"Zip it Up", is art and fun...very black sounding, yet very Flobe!!!!!! I think (it's) a great idea... ...blending genres and sounds.My pleasure to listen...

Vincent Pablo - Dutch Axe Slinger Magazine

“It's the abstract truth all in one package. A movement that effortlessly tosses off the shackles, crossing artificial boundaries to create a smooth blend of silk degrees. He who keeps his eyes on the road misses all the great billboards. But I digress...”

Howard Lawrence - Cat Fancy

“Theres so much talent and atmosphere in (The Flobe's) songs. (They) experiment with sounds, rhythms and expressions. Its honest, well written and performed music. I love "Droppin' Rain"...”

Jan Schnell - Scandinavian Fogelberg Magazine

"BLUEBIRD" is a groove spread thick and delicious. Chops that are understated, precise and directly sharp blended in a compositional mesh that surprises in a landscape dominated by the usual...

David Namerow - Conga Fancy Magazine

“Rock those grooves, Flobe! Spit the rhythm in an electric supernova — sip the groove in a neon fishtank, a cosmic blast through funky grit in a metallic dynamo. Groove through the stars, Magneto!”

Shazdar - The Extra Terrrestrial Extra

"Zip It Up" is a dope joint. Perfect Friday night soundtrack for the up-all-night, spill-the-wine crowd. It's megahip. War could appreciate this one.

Howard Lawrence - Running After Midnight

"Zip It Up" is tremendously funky with some truly unique rhymes and subject matter... Highly entertaining soupy goodness...

Peter McCormick - The End Times Gazette

“I came back to Jefferson Avenue for "Zip It Up"! This all-star line up delivers the goods once again laying down a rap that's dope and a sound that's sick!”

Sur Rod - The Nashville Cat

“There are so many influences spewing out of (The Flobe's) work, and yet, when they are all strung altogether, all I can hear is that familiar signature sound that the Flobe has managed to capture with each successive recording. But I gotta tell you...this one here, Zip It Up, evokes the excitement I once felt for some very innovative bands from back in my day: War, Kool and the Gang, and Average White Band to name a few. Each employed a free style random rap that kept things loose in the beds of funky dance grooves they would come up with. That rap...that looseness...seems to run thru many of your songs, and more so in this one. I listened tonight through a nice set of headphones, and I can say this: the sound was big. There's so much goin' on...you can't absorb it all in one listen. I don't know what it is that makes these jams so appealing, but I know this much is true......I'm hooked.”

Mike Baluja - La Gaceta

“..One day. We'll all grow up to be children. As the Flobe...”

A. Wise Lady - The Watchful Shepherd

"Evil Ways" IS AWESOME!! Music is stellar, and vocals superb!! The Flobe are masters at cover tunes - (The Magneto Flobe) ROCK BIG!!

Scott Sullivan - The Seven Days

“The monsters of Latin are rockin' again! "Evil Ways" is a smooth cover of a great song. I will say, i like it even better in this version. Period. (The Flobe) did great. Fantastic vocals, guitars and psychedelic keys. A joy!”

Klaus Kappes - The Duckledorff Quacker Review

“...awesome "Evil Ways" jam...great mix and wonderful musicianship...”

Ashton Haze - Rolling Stoned

“My boi..you've turned Evil Ways into your own and I freakin' love it! Blasting it at my party and everyone's loving it my man! Evil never sounded so good!!!!”

Sur Rod of the Night - Nashville After Dark Magazine

“Diggin' the dreamlike feel of Evil Ways, the song that began the merger of the terms latin and rock over 40 years ago. (The Flobe) have come up with an incredibly seductive remake of this classic. Two words sum it all up...Sabrosa, Mami!!!”

Mike "Mr. West Tampa" Baluja - La Gaceta

“Love (The Flobe's) take on Santana's classic... slick, sleazy, and most of all, evil. Another Magneto classic is born!”

Zeus Rooster - The Nile Enquirer

“(Evil Ways is) Pure evil. Santana on a riverboat!”

Howard "lil speare" Lawrence - Cat Fancy

“(The Flobe are) a nice turnaround from the normal guitar slamming music. Real smooth cup of joe...”

The Thayer Bros. - Cat Fancy

“I am just damn ready "For The Turnstiles" by The Magneto Flobe!!!!! RIGHT ON! ...just great great greattttt...”

Sonia Isabelle - Italian Jazziz Magazine

“This Flobehead is taking in all these mellow sounds... Take a listen, and you'll be a Flobehead too!!!!”

Kenny Heroux - The Texas Toastie

"For The Turnstiles", is yet another inspired track with some fine guitar from Tom... There can be no argument - The Magneto Flobe do the best covers!

The End Times Revelator - Last Day On Earth

“Official Flobehead here... "For The Turnstiles" ...Wow! ..it's an awesome piece. Great vocals, harmonies and guitar work. The bass line is crazy wicked. Love it!!!”

Delaney Simpson - California Cutie

“Great work on For the Turnstiles... Exceptional bass line keepin' it all together... Kudos to one of the newer Flobes, Tom "The Maestro" Hedrick, for his briliant input. (The Flobe) are taking it to another level!”

Mike Baluja - La Gaceta

“I am now seriously in love with the Flobe. Listening to songs like I'm eating popcorn.”

Mrs. Maestro - The Jiffy Pop Times Picayune

“For The Turnstiles is a homerun! What an all-star lineup of players...Tom is perfect... This cheezy flobe jam shows yet another side to da boiz diverse catalog!”

Sur Rod - The Nashville Cat

“What an incredible journey. I can hear some CSNY, cool beats, jazzy guitars, and almost Beatle vibes. I like your vintage indie like feel. Somehow, you have modernized it...”

Ashton Haze - High Times

“The Magneto Flobe AND Tom Hedrick together on For The Turnstiles! Two of our favorite RN artists on one track!”

The Spondees - The Shanghai Shek

“Recognizing! Love is the drug! Cool groove, good arrangement, unique kind of voice and an awesome hook...”

Martin Stein (Cento) - German Virtuoso Magazine

"Go! With The Flobe", is considered by informed critics as a landmark recording, right up there with Rubber Soul, The Notorious Byrd Brothers and The Partridge Family's Sound Magazine. Da Boi sets the bar high...

Tommy Maestro - Down Beat

“The harmonic changes on This Way Again and Throdgie Baby's 100% spot on vocals... nailing the melodic flow blows me away. Such a beautiful song. An excellent 'less is more' arrangement. Transparent, breathing, endearing...”

Klaus Kappes - The Duckeldorfian Tageblatt

"Love is the Drug" is a special vibe!!! Love the arrangement! It darkens the song like a cool jazz club after midnight, drowning sorrows in vodka and hazy smoke...Fuck cool version!

Poppy Ruth Silver - The Orbially Re-Arranged Monatomic Element

“Love Is The Drug is a terrific re-imagining of the Roxy number. Altogether grittier and with a hint of menace that wasn't there in the original but still really fluid. An excellent, imaginative cover...”

Last Day On Earth - The End Times Examiner

“...Love Is The Drug is a hot track! Edgy & cool!...You guys sound great together! I think I have a new addiction!”

Rod Sur Rod - The Nashville Night Tripper

“Always anxious to hear what Flobian touches you are going to add to a chosen classic. Love is the Drug is the latest to be reborn...amazing how you make these songs your own...”

Mike Baluja - La Gaceta

“...Bluebird is as smooth as silk, and Mademoiselle is simply brilliant!”

Talking Point - Rolling Stoned Magazine

“Derek...doing some great work. What I really like about it is you've got the chops to pull off the songs you do, and you could just do it in that old school style. That alone would be righteous. But then you do these artistic twists that just really are awesome and take things to whole different level...”

Joe "NYC" Torcicollo - The Brooklyn Dodger

"Never my love" moved me... deeply...

Poppy Ruth Silver - The Orbitally Re-Arranged Monatomic Element

“'This Way Again' just blows my mind and moves my heart! Damn...this is one hot track!”

Sur Rod - The Nashville Cat Fancy

“I have to marvel at the quirky genius everywhere on this playlist. Can't express enough how much I enjoy moving from gems like "Cuddly Toy" to these reinterpreted tunes. "Careless Whisper"...now that's too hip beyond words...”

Earl Scruggs - I Hate Covers Now Weekly

“Bluebird is sounding really awesome... Amazing what the latin feel does to change a tune, and Vincent Pablo's guitar playing is so smooth. Your vocals are amazing here. How many of you are there singing in there?”

Roberto "Lil Bill Evans" Cordero - Down Beat

“Bluebird is absolute perfection... you and Vincent just melt together vocally, and his guitar playing is sublime... yet again, you've added you're own magic, so we can hear a track with new ears...”

Sir Throdge Of Mortenchestershire - The Elland Roadie

“BLUEBIRD is HEAVENLY... How exquisite... Great music and vocals... Very well produced... I love it...”

Bonnie McGill - The Grand Ol' Opry Review

“Bluebird is SO COOL! Beatles and Latin Jazz put together! So original! VIncent Pablo sounds outstanding...”

Roberto "Lil Monk" Cordero - Down Beat

“...hey bluebirds fly and fly ...lovely... the guitar and vocal harmonies - gotta fly flobebirds, fly...”

Fernando Garcin - El Valenciano

“Bluebird sounds pretty much like perfection... ...OUTSTANDING!”

Sonia Isabelle - Jazziz Magazine

“Bluebird... what a smooth start to my week. On the wings of Floboi and Flopab. Excellent version of you both. Really love this one. Great vocals, groovy percussion and Vincent is a musician deluxe as we all know...”

Klaus "Kappi" Kappes - Castle Of Duckledorff Gazette

“...I am a Flobehead, and proud of it... i keep coming back... to listen... sounds awesome!”

Kim Guthrie - Vogue

“I pledge myself a Flobehead. Darn proud to be one. Everything... is so right on.”

Earl Scruggs - The Hypocrite That I Am...

“Can we be Flobeheads too?”

The Spondees - The Shanghai Shek

“The Magneto Flobe take a classic and turn it into their own. Bluebird has the Flobe stamp all over it. Somewhere Paul... Is smiling!”

Sur Rod - Rock The Opry Magazine

“I do believe the Flobe have come into their own. ...Bluebird really nails it! Excellent!”

Laurent Le Brun - La Gaceta

“Bluebird is SMOOOTTHHHH, man!! GREAT new track!!! A FANTASTIC collab with Vincent! FLOBESSSSS!!”

Joey Pliskin - The Chicago Tribune

"Bluebird" is super smooth, sweet guitar melody, very nice, makes me just want to fly away!

Kim Guthrie - Cat Fancy

“I think the whole world should hear Bluebird... ...carving out a unique sound that should go viral...”

Andrew Austin - The Braintree Times-Picayune

“Ah, the cover of "Never My Love" is a perfect sunshine/summer pop song but in a much more appetizing, and less syrupy form than some other versions. And hugely enjoyable...”

Last Day On Earth - The Area 51 Progress Report

“...This Way Again is pure bliss!!! Seriously stellar job!!! Just gorgeous!!!”

Sur Rod - Rolling Stoned Magazine

"This Way Again" is a gorgeous, dreamy song that positively shimmers as it unfolds...

Last Day On Earth - Heavy Metal Magazine

"Droppin'" Rain is a masterful track. Really great hypnotic flow to this song with great harmonies and cool guitar. Another flawless production...

Last Day On Earth - Heavy Metal Magazine

"This Way Again" reminds me a bit of Main Ingredient. I picture the man sitting on a park bench (not Aqualung, mind you) in the rain. He's hunched over, watching people pass by. Got his mind on that woman who just couldn't leave well enough alone. She packed and split, leaving him to carry the rent on his own self. Hot damn, baby, lookiehere, Mama...

Howard Lawrence - Cat Fancy

“Throdgie deluxe! And all the Flobeheads are deluxe too! Absolutely outstanding. I state this: nothing sounds like derinho & co. This way again is fireworks in slow-motion. And, just when i think i've seen all the sparkles... the next one slowly explodes... like a honey super nova... Gorgeous work. I'm in full awe, derinho & friends...”

Kappi (Kloudworks) - Deutsche Badass Magazine

"Ooh La La" sounds like The Band marching outside the Wall of Utopia with Mr. Lennon way in the back, serenading the dangling baby with a megaphone. Give dreams a chance...

Howard Lawrence - Cat Fancy

“...Cortez the Killer. Now thats the way to get the those guitars to scream...”

Joe NYC - Guitar Player Magazine

“I can't stay away from the awesome music here. Yes..I admit it proudly..I am an official Flobehead.”

Delaney Simpson - California Cutie Magazine

“U guys def GOT IT!! A DEF FLOBEHEAD here, man!! ROCKIN COOL!!”

Joey 'b. goode' Pliskin - Chicago Sun-Times

“Mademoiselle is a fine tune. Bordering on country stroke with a reggae twitch. Sensitive, true emotions vocals. Made my ears happy (and not much can do that)...”

Joe Jaunty - Bandcamp Magazine

“This is one of my favorite track lists on here. Right now I'm lovin' "Not Interested"..it's a great song with sweet flow, great vocals and the instrumentation is awesome!”

Delaney Simpson - California Cutie Magazine

“Loving the sound of Too Much Passion! Big Soundscapes, Great vocals and hypnotic bass.. Always a pleasure to the ears...”

Jonathan Tambe - Atlanta Musical Review

“The Magneto Flobe should get top billing at any anti-war rally. Carrying the love-in torch of The Dead and The Beatles this troupe's rootsy music slides right in under the epidermal layer to become part of the listener's skin. Needs me a new "Cuddly Toy."”

Howard Lawrence - Rolling Stoned Magazine

“...the lovely Mademoiselle (Oliver Twist)...sometimes simple is SO much more! This is a new genre of music called chill-country...”

Sur Rod - Nashville Bad Ass Magazine

“Listening to my new favourite song Mademoiselle!”

Bonnie McGill - Canadian Country Music Magazine

“Damn if "Mademoiselle" don't sound jes like a song I was a'hearin at a wedd'n affair in 1889. Reader from Chattanooga, TN, Old No. 7 Magazine.”

Col. Howard Lawrence - Old No. 7 Magazine

“Flobe done gone country...Mademoiselle is sheer delight! 5 Stars*****”

Sur Rod - Rolling Stoned Magazine

“And of course The Deutsche Bad Ass Magazine gives you five of five stars for the updated Cudly Toy. Has always been a joy and now even sparkles a little brighter. Feathers up!”

Kappi (German Axe Slinger) - Deutsche Bad Ass Magazine

“Damn, QT! How you gonna turn down the Flobe's "Ain't No Sunshine?!" It's even got the Morricone whistle in it. This is truly a coolio Django version. And I know, I know, I know, I know, I know...you nailed this sucker!”

Howard Lawrence - Cat Fancy

“With a sound straight out of a different, distant world--or ours far in the past--da boi lead his army of mellow magicians into soulful, jazzy terrain with every song. "Too Much Passion" is speaking the elusive truths today. Sucks me right in.”

Howard Lawrence - The Harvard Review

“We're All The Way..sunny-sunny, ear candy,sweet song...awesome mood-vocals/melody... Puts a smile on my face!!!!!”

Vincent Pablo - The Utrecht Musical Review

“Droppin Rain...is ....I am speechless..beautiful!!”

Sonia Isabelle - Italian Downbeat Magazine

"We're All The Way" shows the Flobe doing its typical trippy Americana to perfection. I can feel the rain. Magnetic music. Carrying the Dead's torch with smooth, soothing eloquence.

Howard Lawrence - Flobe Fancy Magazine

“We're all the way ... fantastic version. Vocals are superb as always, the tuba fits the rhythm track so nicely and those flobo strobo guitar sounds are also sweet. Give me a beach to sit down and a long drink and consider the message. We could go wherever we should be... what a nice dream.”

Kappi - German Bad Ass Guitarist

“Boi! "...All The Way" is a truly sincere and catchy tune. Claude on Tuba - and your smooth-smooth voice - Derek Derinho - love the lyrics as well as the soft whistling - won-win-tune =wonderful!”

Joe "freakin'" Jaunty - Bad Ass Swede Magazine

“enjoying 'we're all the way', love the melody, guitars, vocals... my kind of song. The surprising flobology for cats, bird, girls and hats...”

Fernando Garcin - The Space Cadet

“Some Boys -- now that has a wonderful country/folk flavor. That tune has such a wonderful execution of the melody that you've turned modal. It's a beautiful song...”

Roberto "Lil Monk" Cordero - Downbeat Magazine

“This music is Flobe-ulous, Flobe-ilicious and Flobe-tastic! "Some Boys" is a thing of beauty, "Droppin' Rain" brings the Austin groove and a great guitar sound. "Winchester Cathedral" is a Beatle-esque gem...coulda filled one of those holes in the Albert Hall...”

Howard Lawrence - Cat Fancy

“I absolutely adore Winchester Cathedral, it's got exactly right mix of humor and respect that I love...”

Tomas Reinerson - Bad Ass Swede Magazine

“Was looking forward to the Gatsby remake, but how can anyone reject "Winchester Cathedral?" Bad judgment in the music department doesn't bode well for the flick. Cool tune that Fitzgerald would have been humming in an apparent drunken stupor.”

Howard Lawrence - Cat Fancy

“Only, the one-and-only, derinho, and his able assistant, Mr. D'Bootsy, could have put this mini masterpiece of joy together.... truly delightful...”

Sir Throdge of Mortenchestershire - The Elland Rd. Daily

“Pure Flobeolgy is Winchester Cathedral boi!!!! Love the sheer variety of your tracks...;-))”

aJa "Lil Jaco" Austin - The Groove Animal

“Feeling the Flobe... the Magneto Flobe. In the Flobe. Oh yeah... ooppsss, their gone! You've blown my socks clean off!”

Blue Pheonix - Mad

“Too Late To Turn Back Now..what a lovely song!!!!! Awesome melody,vocals and arrangement.Sweet song with a mood of classic soul and timeless pop. Love it!!!”

Vincent Pablo - Dutch Bad Ass Magazine

“Your "Cuddly Toy" unites London 60's swing beat feel with a - in my ears - Brazilian lightness...”

Art Lip, Avant Garde Savant - Deutsche Bad Ass Magazine

“Too late to turn back...My ears are happily surprised! So soft-spoken words and lyrics. My current Fave!”

Joe Jaunty (renowned bad ass) - Bad Ass Swede Magazine

“Awesome job on "too late to turn back now", I love how you can do an oldie but goodie and make it sound current and fresh, really smooth vocals and vibe!”

Kim Guthrie - Country Comfort

“Too Late To Turn Back Now is sounding real good! Great smooth soothing vibe the strings and guitar create. The vocals complement the overall song. Very majestic and enchanting.. Much respect”

Jonathan Tambe - The Atlanta Journal

“Tell you what...you boys can sure sing into a can, boy howdy! Now come 'round here and collect your foldin' money...ten dolla each!”

Mr. Original - La Gaceta

“Lapis, jade and amber dust on you for the colors you paint with one more time. Absolutely adorable vocals and a chillin' soundtrack. Great vibrato in your voice and a very tasty, multi-layered guitar solo. Love the slide/dobro part underneath. Flobextraordinaire!”

Kloudworks - Deutsche Bad Ass Magazine

“Very good "Some Boys" track, I LOVE the guitar work, and the sound is pure elegance...”

Fernando Garcin - The Space Cadet

“Some Boys ~ I love this track (yes I do know how to!!) &, as usual, it's the vocals that sprinkle the sound magically... Brilliant!!”

Andrew "Groove Animal" Austin - The Stains Gazette

“Some Boys is a GREAT new track! Awesome lyrics--right on! Feelin the vibe!”

Joey Pliskin - Chicago Tribune

"Droppin' Rain"... that guitar solo kills me every time I hear it.... D - you're a wizard!

Throdgie Baby - The Elland Rd. Daily

“'Droppin' Rain' is one of the coolest songs I've heard in a while! Love the whole vibe going on with this gem!”

Sur Rod - Rolling Stoned Magazine

“exquiste cover of Willin', great guitars & mix of voices; back to 70 to keep the light of the undefined instant beauty”

Fernando Garcin - The Space Cadet

“Had to give a listen to one of my favorite Lowell George songs and you do a wonderful rendition.”

Frankie O'Rourke - The Boston Globe

“Playfully bouncing to your 'cuddly toy'. Ya all did a great version!!! This is THE song against winter depression!”

Kloudworks - Deutsche Bad Ass Magazine

“Too Much Passion is on... reminds me of Steve Winwood yet this is the boi!! Brilliant...;-))”

Andrew Austin - The Abbey Rd. Quarterly

“TOO MUCH OF THE FLOBE IS NEVER ENOUGH! I'm drawn to it like a moth to the flame....the bug to a windshield :)”

Mr. Original - The West Tampa Times

“So pleased to have played a tiny part in your Droppin Rain boi......:-)))”

Andrew Austin - Popular Mechanics

“Dropping by for some droppin' rain which is not totally correct for as always i hear and feel the sun while listening to you guys. Pretty nice allstars member list this time! Impossible to cherish one of you exclusively. You all sound fantastically. Love the super fun harmonized guitar solo. Great vocals and Andrew 'groove animal' Austin on bass is fab too! Wonderful song.”

Kappi (Kloudworks) - German Axe Slinger Monthly

“Great collab with Andrew Austin on the bass!!! Droppin rain is a Killer track!!!”

Joe Pliskin - Playboy

“Aw, "Careless Whisper" and "Falling in Love" these were some of my favorites songs of long ago, so glad to hear your covers of these, really cool vibe you've got!”

Kim Guthrie - The Ladies' Home Journal

“Despite RN quality, I really love how it sounds 'Droppin' rain' -great music. Sorry I can't understand the lyrics but I couldn't go to high school as I was abducted by aliens”

Fernando Garcin - Paris Match

“Love your new pic man! Checking out "Droppin' Rain". So nice! Sounds like it's going to be a hit.”

Roberto Cordero - The San Francisco Chronicle