The Mad Pride / Press

“Scapegoat is a swirly, creepy 6/8 anthem, psychedelic 60s gone noir cabaret with 80s goth production: watery guitars, icy keys and vintage Bowie-esque vocals.”

“If you mix the elements from Frank Zappa, David Bowie, Syd Barrett and Radiohead, you’ll get this music, in the most creative way... In addition to the comparisons that have been made (including Jacques Brel, Mr Bungle, Danny Elfman, Jeff Martin, Muse, Grizzly Bear, Midlake and David Sylvian), the music is difficult to pigeonhole, as it has a bit of everything; from weird classical post rock, to dark wave, psychedelic and everything in between.”

“I recently came across some incredible stuff... The songs bear some resembles to Syd Barret, Tom Waits, Nick Cave or Cohen, this is interesting stuff for sure... I'm posting this because I think it's worth it.”

"Mad Pride is a good example of Folk Noir (“dark folk”) that also plays with some late 60′s dark psychedelic folk melodies. Galagher has been compared to Syd Barrett and the comparison is apt."

“Touches of the fragile detachment of Radiohead and a spectrum of dramatic emotion all take up residence under an ominous sky. Scary Poppins is a brooding and somber set that plays out very much at its own pace, without resorting to melodramatic dirge. The songs are weighty, but the message is carried over on tunes that, as sober as they can be, aren’t impenetrable or cold. As the name implies, there’s a thread of the unstable that weaves through everything that’s ‘scary,’ but it also worms its way around and in to elicit empathy going in both directions. Galagher drives the narrative with a deep fret in his voice that has quiver and allure that reminds me of Chris Connelly, working his own ruminations on outings like Largo or under the guise of The Bells. Of course that leads right to Bowie, who also comes to mind from the vocals to some of the dramatic flare.”

“Every now and then a band comes along and completely fucks with my head with their obscene levels of awesome. The Mad Pride are one such group who play outsider music with a startling honesty and grace. I find the disconcerting nature of their sound to be soothing and the dark melodrama is heavily intoxicating.”

“Mystifyingly lovely, the tracks are all haunting and draw the listener in. There are definitely elements of Leonard Cohen's work minus the gravelly voice and echoes of Pink Floyd resonate throughout. Incredibly, just ONE guy is playing everything AND singing. Now that's what I call an artist.”

“Rowan Galagher from Wollongong writes haunting, atmospheric and dark music in his apartment. Musical influences can be heard from David Bowie, Erik Satie and perhaps some classic Sisters of Mercy, but really none of those names can define him. Check The Mad Pride out!”

“Wow you guys are awesome!! it's like King Crimson meets frank zappa meets Pentangle, in a dark alley!! lol. truly amazing stuff!!”

Grover Vroomis - Reverbnation

“Rowan Galagher’s music is amazing. One minute it has you thinking “Pink Floyd” the next something entirely different. There is an ebb and flow to it that makes The Mad Pride beautiful to listen to.”

“The variety here is amazing. The songs run the range from soft, almost acoustical to moody and experimental enough to be the sound track to a Tim Burton movie. They each push the limits of their genre. Be sure and listen to them all as they are very different and there is sure to be something you really like.”

“Totally blown away by "Malice". Best song I´ve heard this year (and for many years before as well).”

Joe Jaunty - Reverbnation

“Syd Barrett is back! (and alive and well down under apparently!) Nice dreamy stuff here!”

W.J. McKay - Goth Mountain

“Beautiful vocals; a huge range of expression, well controlled but deeply felt...this is haunting, powerful stuff.”

Ettuspadix - Reverbnation

“Might as well put on headphones when listening to Rowan's music because your spirit will be spellbound and your heart held captive! ”

Patricia Brunicardi - Ecologyngle

“Really original and haunting material. I love the quality of your voice it reminds me of Shawn Phillips.”

Robin Anthony Shaw - Echo Garden

“Epic sound! Pink floyd meets folk meets movie soundtrack.”

Brandon Kinross - Reverbnation

“Rowan, I just had to say that Malice is my favorite, you sir are amazing! Thank you! :)”

Lisa Marie Francis - Reverbnation

“Rowan, I love the music you have up here. I can definitely hear how your neo-classical influences have informed some of the exquisite chord progressions in these songs. The thing that stands out more than anything though is your authentic portrayal of melancholia.”

Ross Cooper - Reverbnation

“This is really wonderful. Brilliant, mystical and gentle Psych music! Awesome songs.”

Pasi Koivu - Psychedelic Eye

“I really love scape goat and fade away great songs, great lyrics you have a pink floyd vibe which I really like.”

Catherine - CXXXVI

“Floting...mystic...orginal sound. Like angels flying around...amazing.”

Liza - Honky Tonk Lady / Honky Tonk Mama Music Co.

“Thank goodness no-one can place you in a box or genre with anyone else. You are the Mad Pride and you are stand out and stand alone. Great stuff and so glad to come back and listen, so sad it took me this long.”

Sylkay - Reverbnation

“Awesome. Just trippy awesomeness with a touch of Chris Goss!”

Dead Souls - Reverbnation

“Wow great tracks and vibe! Love Scapegoat! Very dramatic and great vocals!”

Stephanie Andreus - Reverbnation

“Rowan...awesome...very colourful landscaped songs...love it, a beautiful textured way to witness a musical tale.”

Gary Dobbin - Tank 7even

“What a unique sound. Great songs by a great artist. I have become a fan, liked you on facebook and made you one of my favourites. Thank you for delivering such unique music. ”

DJ_Rose - Reverbnation

“Finally was able to listen to your music and WOW... mind bending, soul stretching... I love it!! Thank you”

Gwen Beyer - Reverbnation

“Really cool sound and feel! I can hear the Bowie comparisons in the vocals. The music is strikingly appropriate to the lyrics. You paint exquisite pictures!”

Loping Buzzard - Reverbnation

“Dark and Cerebral, Nice execution of melodic chord structure!”

Zack Williamson - Z Dub

“Beautiful combination of sounds! Very theatrical...I like how unpredictable the chord changes are. Look forward to hearing more!”

Board of Governors - Reverbnation

“Great songs very original vocal and melodies. I enjoy a lot the experience. Fade away was tremendous but i love all the songs. Great work Rowan”

Rui de Freitas - The Silence

“Thank you, I am loving your beautiful original songs and style. It is hard to find a favourite. "Song for Eli" and "Hold On" are a few! I love your guitars and vocals.”

Sue Trickey - Reverbnation