The Machine performs Pink Floyd / Press

“The Machine sounds exactly like Pink Floyd.”

Matthew Weber - Spin

“These guys are great!”

Bob Ezrin - Co-Producer on The Wall

“The Machine duplicates the sound and hits of Pink Floyd with chilling accuracy.”

Matt Diehl - Rolling Stone

“The most authentic encounter with Pink Floyd possible!”

Kevin Schwartzbach - JamBase.com

“...a tribute ensemble with few peers.”

Jeff Miers - The Buffalo News

“The highlight of the evening was a virtually perfect "Shine on You Crazy Diamond (Part I)" which segued right into "Shine On (Part II)", complete with a ten minute jam over the ending section that sounded nothing like anything I'd heard Pink Floyd do.”

Dan Greenhaus - Jambands.com

“You know you got it going on when you sell out B.B. Kings in New York City and Roger Water's sax player jams with you!”

Guitar One Magazine

“Perfect execution and attention to details leads to flawless reproductions of Floyd songs yet the freedom to jam and improvise adds even more flavor and depth to the established catalog.”

Rich and Laura Lynch Kweevak - Rock Report