The Lymbs / Press

“There's something “real” about their heavy, garage drum and guitar combo that most bands don't have. They've got talent, and the Lymbs have found a niche that isn't just “blues rock” or “garage.””

“They mind-molested me with their hair and sound.”

“In a world full of assembly-line-produced, rip-off bands, The Lymbs take a unique, refreshing approach to bringing back rock music. And they do it in a big way”

"Each and every time the tunes approach that laid-back or precious brand of radio rock, they ditch with the cute and head back into a Black Sabbath-y blues-metal shred-a-thon or heavy-hitting drum fill that proves their expert ability to marry soft and hard like a couple of geniuses."

"After releasing their debut five-song EP “Casa de Amor” on Nov. 8, The Lymbs – singer/guitarist Gage Bickerstaff and drummer Jeff Bell – are creating videos for the songs. The five songs on “Casa de Amor” showcase a minimalist blues funk that builds momentum off Bickerstaff’s soulful vocals."

"From the engagement of the other people in the crowd, I can earnestly confirm the consensus of approval The Lymbs received that evening. To say you should’ve been there is an understatement. To miss them again would be deplorable."

“Daily Lobo: What themes and messages are present in your songs? Gage Bickerstaff: We want to promote social and political awareness, but we don’t want to represent anything that’s negative. Rock ‘n’ roll kind of has rebel tendencies, which is fine, but for the sake of change. And that is what our music is about. All the lyrics are always about something that we feel is a social aspect in American society that we feel needs to be talked about … or is a part of our lives or a part of the lives we see.”

“Of the eight bands that competed at UNM’s seventh annual battle of the bands on Thursday, the winner almost didn’t perform. The Lymbs, which consists of guitarist/vocalist Gage Bickerstaff and drummer Jeff Bell, wasn’t initially in love with the idea of competing.”

"In the over-saturated realm of rock and roll, The Lymbs have found a mountain of sound to stand on. With the desire to not only be unique, they strive to lyrically inform their stance on culture, love, and the importance of change."

"The Lymbs have chops. Singer / guitarist Gage Bickerstaff and drummer Jeff Bell conjure sultry rock with a twinge of blues -- think late-'60s and '70s rock infused with The Black Keys, The White Stripes, and Robert Johnson.” The Albuquerque Alibi