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“. Poverty music production and N.G.M. studio,s is an independent entertainment label started in 2009. It is comprised of Hip Hop, artists based out of Milwaukee Wisconsin with artists from all over the state . Our label has opened up for multiple platinum recording artists such as Sean Paul, TI, J. Holiday, and Keisha Cole. We have also performed at 6 universities throughout the state of Wisconsin that include UW-Madison, UW-Milwaukee, and Marquette University. N.G.M. studios and poverty music production began with a group of local artists and college students that were dissatisfied with their previous record label and music experiences. Today, the lunatic poet has already performed all over the Midwest and have a growing mature fan base comprised of students, graduates, professionals, young adults and teens. Our Midwest region following is very strong with approximately 25,000+ fans with a large concentration of our fan base in Wisconsin and the Chicago, Illinois area!”

larry t looter - the street time,s

“lunatic Poet. Under the street lights. I was born & rased on Millwaukee,s norf side. I grow up inbetween Wells and the Parklawn. My moms move like every six months so I came up on a lot of deferent blocks. Growing up I kicked it with a lot of hood niggas. E.S.G. (est side g,s ) , H.P.T.( hamption niggas)L.M.G. (linch mob), and so on. Violence & pestilence grow hand and hand in poverty. crime is are language. we exchange fillings trow hand to hand combat, hand two hand transactions,and hand too hand dejection. In this life (Street Life ) thairs no frands only suspects.No sure thangs only close bet's. ”

The Lunatic Poet - street TIMES

“The lunatic poet is 110 % milwaukee real live street nigga from 27th & well,s”

Larry T Looter - $treet nigga $hit

“Lunatic poet is the $hit”

larry t Looter