The Low Counts / Press

“The thing about a drum-and-guitar duo (Flat Duo Jets, White Stripes, Ghost Wolves, The Cedric Burnside Project) is that it can't be timid. Both players have to drum/strum/sing as hard as possible to create a full-band sound with just two instruments. The Low Counts have that part down. The trick is, to play hard and still leave room (and energy) for the music to build. The Low Counts managed to do that, too. From searing songs like "Lush," with its ragged guitar licks and pummeling percussion, to a fierce cover of Bo Diddley's "Mona," they delivered a kind of uncontrolled burn. Theirs is not a layered sound so much as an assault. Fuel tossed on a fire. Even a slow song, with the moody line, "Every thing you do, everything you say, I feel the same way," felt less like couple's dance and more like a Hendrix jam. Heavy, convoluted and wrung out, the song railed against its own emotional edge, its atonal notes slicing at the melody. In the best way.”

“After three smokin’ shows to appreciative crowds, The Low Counts were born. The band describes itself as Black Sabbath meets T-Model Ford, and they play a version of Mississippi Delta muddy blues that sounds like a train speeding down the tracks.”