The lovely Savalas / Press

"The Lovely Savalas is a prodigious power pop band...they have everything needed to shoot to fame."

"The return of the Lovely Savalas is in great style!..a caleidoscopic and vivid album! almost miraculous.."

"I like too much this album to write a review without being an ass-licker...impossible to indicate the best song...all the album is incredible... "

"Pornocracy is really powerful and enjoyable album .... is a music fresco of times!"

"Damn!!These guys are in a state of grace... this album is really hot!!"

“The Lovely Savalas’ debut album is more than just a record, it is a statement of a generation.”

““Plastic Pills for happy passengers” is a valuable work and if this guys would decide to pass to an higher ground we would be in front of the direct descendants of the best At The Drive In...”

““Plastic Pills for happy passengers” is a powerful and mature work. Half an hour of groovy and solid rock.”

““If you take Andy Summers of Police and let him play with Korn, then the sound you’ll get will be very similar to that of The Savalas. They have the incredible ability to make something new, putting together all their influences””

““You can find rock, punk rock and progressive rock and the result is a crossover, that quotes and reminds me the genius bands of British pop. I could listen them for hours ...” “In other words, a sort of Free rock or Mood Music, that affects the mood of the listener and creates the atmosphere.”