The Love Leighs / Press

“I was instantly captivated with my first listen of The Love Leighs‘ sweet yet seductive album, All Your Talk of Love. The Austin-based trio specializes in classic jazz, blues and twang styles, all delivered with what they describe as “more than a little sass.” And that extra dose of cheek is an absolute necessity for vocalist Raina Leigh Krause when she croons about that alluring little beast called love. Sexy sass is where it’s at. The trio also has quite an addictive old-timey, Vaudevillian feel, like a combination of the heartache and longing of Billie Holiday but with the dark, theatrical flourishes of Tom Waits. Krause and clarinetist Jessica Leigh Graves are both mistresses of the ukulele, accompanied by funk/blues guitarist Jimmie Dreams. The Love Leighs have a residency going on at Hotel Vegas, 1500 E. 6th St. You can see them perform there Tuesday night, starting at 9 p.m. This one comes highly recommended.”