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The Love Dimension / Press

“Hi Love Dimension, Thanks a lot for sending us your demo. I’m sorry my reply is so late. Small labels like ours get demos by the crateload. A lot of them never even open the packets. I let this pile up so long I fear you may have sent your stuff in clear back in the last century. For years I’ve replied only to the ones I like, and I like yours quite a bit. Did you ever release anything else? If so, I’d love to hear it. Meanwhile, good luck with everything in the future. Don’t give up! Burning Bushes,”

Jello Biafra - Alternative Tentacles

"As good as I remembered it from the live show, which is nice. Musically, it’s a retread of the 1960s. There are overtones of Cream, the Monkees, the Doors, Steppenwolf, you name it. The vocals and jangly guitar lines are recorded with a lo-fi aesthetic that reinforces the retro references in the musical material, but occasionally veers into the territory of the precious. That’s not such a bad thing; as you can see from the packaging, precious is part of what this band does well. Other strong points for this band include nice vocal harmonies and the occasional sweet harmonica part."

"There is a difference between a band emulating a style and a band actually being a style. The Love Dimension isn't a band commiting a copycat crime, they are impressively carrying the torch for a genre. So while the influences that have obviously guided them to a personal sound are there, they are more deritive of these influences than simply emulating them. "Inbetween Lives" as a whole is an album full of life, colors and sounds, and follows in the tradition of what has always made Rock interesting in the first place, the release...the joy of making music in a garage, from the heart, because you want to."

“The Love Dimension is an energetic San Francisco-based Psychedelic 60s Pop band that’s playing quite a bit in the Bay Area. Platon Mag inquired to know more…”

“Variety is undoubtedly the Love Dimension's modus operandi. And thankfully, it showed in their performance too. The discordant guitar style of songs like "Got Gratitude" and "Dark Night of Your Soul" were delightfully reminiscent of Barrett-era Floyd. The band would then turn the trumpets and the harmonicas up to 11 for songs like "Lighthouse In Your Mind," and you'd be moving your feet and shaking your hips to a funky blues tune. The fast-paced rhythm of "I Found Gold" gave off vibes of an old Western TV serial, transforming the Hemlock into the OK Corral for a few fleeting moments. The crowd fairly devoured every flavor they whipped up in their 45-minute set, myself included. If this is typical of their live shows, then the Love Dimension is clearly out to prove themselves as musical chameleons. This is not only unique in my experience, but admirable. I have never felt better to find out that I knew nothing about anything.”

“The Dark Night of Your Soul from their 7" vinyl welcomes back 60s-rooted psychedelic rock with developing guitar progressions and retro organ drones reminiscent of The Doors Waiting for the Sun era circa 1968 (may I also mention that Dias sounds strikingly similar to a modern-day Morrison?). The illuminating lyrics are beautifully orchestrated with disquieting depths: “The journey you’ve embarked on, it can be long and challenging. But if you try you may find your way, through the dark night of your soul.” The fast-paced upbeat succession of ”The Lighthouse in Your Mind” opens up this gate of stampeding vibrations, making the listener just want to close their eyes and give into the fluctuating beats that are taking over their body. This intoxicating atmosphere of periodic oscillation brought to you by The Love Dimension is unparalleled to what their live shows offer. If you live in the Bay Area, it is imperative that you see them in all their glory.”

“San Francisco’s The Love Dimension oozes retro-rock glory. “Dark Night of Your Soul” floats on a cloud of organ notes, weed, and love grounded by fuzzy guitars and lead by Jimmy Dias’s vocals – a sort of Eric Burdon tinged with Jim Morrison. In fact, TLD comes across like The Animals resurrected through the vessel of BRMC. “Living in Atlantis” continues the garage barrage with a touch of The Strokes coursing through it. “I Found Gold” adds a subtle twist to the psychedelic party by harkening the journeyman sounds of Johnny Cash with a quick strumming guitar and a drilling snare cadence whipped by brushes. It makes you feel like you’re on the open road or walking into a Quentin Tarantino scene.”

“Lead singer Jimmy L. Dias channels Johnny Cash in opening track "I Found Gold" as he sings of "traveling out West in search of a new style.” The lead guitar's psychedelic twang is downright eerie at times - think "Ring of Fire" on acid. "Lighthouse in Your Mind" and "Living in Atlantis" have pop polish and uplifting chord progressions that give the EP some musical variety amid the country leanings . Closing track "Look To The Sky," cradled by a soothing background raga drone, is another homage to the lone drifter, in which Dias contemplates a life of fruitless searches.”

“Psychedelic alt country with steel guitar and indie rock 60s pop with sitar (say that right and you may get a rhyme outta it). A pretty tripped out mix of sounds across these 4 songs.”