The Loudermilks / Press

"[The Edwards' music]...sounds like the product of a childhood spent listening to a cool aunt or uncle’s well-worn copies of Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere and The Gilded Palace Of Sin, with Exile On Main Street..."

"the two guitarists, Alan and Chad Edwards, took turns singing one surly, neatly phrased breakup song after another, turning accusations into aphorisms."

"Brothers Alan and Chad Edwards still quietly remain in the cream of local songwriters...Good stuff, and not to be overlooked."

"...top-shelf sibling harmonies, and rural rock songs so poignant your grandkids will be downloading them for deep catalog cachet."


"...brothers Alan and Chad remain among the best songwriters this region’s produced."

"...two songwriters worthy of large-scale recognition."

"These gents write some of the catchiest, most heart-rending country rock around."

"...any appearance by the Edwards boys and their crack rhythm section is cause for suds-hoisting celebration."

"[The Edwards'] “So Far Gone” was arguably the highlight of the Revival compilation of Carolina-region roots bands...all yearning vocals and dusty guitars..."

"...there are moments here, when [the] Edwards’ brotherly harmonies can send a chill straight through your spine."

“Alan and Chad Edwards have always shared vocal and songwriting duties, and that familial, familiar element no doubt shades their music in an organic way, a sort of composting of shared experience and bloodline that is rather impossible to fake.”