The Lost Will Follow / Press

“BAND ON FIRE Band Review: The Lost Will Follow By Linda Freeman, TIW Music This is one hard rocking band. When I go through their Reverbnation playlist, by the time I reach the aptly named "Olympic Torch," it feels like sonic energy is shooting out from my headphones. This is followed by "Get Me Out," a Nirvana-ish song that explodes with blazing guitar riffs and frenetic drumming. Clearly, "The Lost Will Follow" has a lot of versatility and range. "I Can't Believe" features Rich Jordan in a soulful lead vocal (backed by an early-'60s-sounding vocal chorus) supported by classic hard rock guitars and drumming. As you hear more of their music, you're treated to a big helping of heavy rock and metal with some tasty grunge on "Get Me Out". I can't help but wonder what surprises are in store on their upcoming album.”

“The Lost Will Follow are obviously a very versitile band, that can throw down a jumpy, catchy indie anthem that has you singing along the first time you hear it with some Red Hot Chilli Pepper infulences with punchy drums and jumpy guitars, that then turns into a pop punk System of a Down feeling thrashy, angry, sexy tune where you can practically see the drummer going mental when you close your eyes.”