The Lost River Cavemen / Press

“Once The Lost River Cavemen get toasty, their playing cooks with its own fire.”

"'South Kentucky Blues' is the album’s personalized pinnacle, the song that brings the new listener closer to the band’s home, time and place, even if it is a tall tale*." [*But it's not.]

“Their record ‘…And the Circus Goes On’ is loaded with catchy tunes. One of the best is 'Special Sight.' It’s catchy, well-produced, features some pretty cool fiddle shredding, and talks about Jesus as a hippy. This band isn’t quite like the typical bluegrass act.”

Clay Graham - Mr. Chaka's Song of the Day

““With an eclectic mix of lyrical and musical styles, haunting vocals and imagery, The Lost River Cavemen is unlike anything else currently flowing through the veins of their college town.” -Jamie Resch – The Post and Courier”

Jamie Resch - The Post and Courier

“Michael McMillian and his fellow Cavemen have demonstrated the lyrical wit, strength and depth of humorists like Mark Twain, Ambrose Bierce, and Will Rogers that sets them completely apart from the norm. The instrumental uniqueness of The Lost River Cavemen stands like a settler’s tree--its limbs stretching out wide to incorporate the sounds of a multitude of genres. The line “yeah they laugh too loud, talk too slow, ‘cuz they from the South” is funny, but the beauty of the song is in McMillian’s quirky delivery. Throughout the CD there are similar little vocal sweet-tarts, like his articulation of the word ‘hippie’ in “Special Sight” or the gravel in his voice in the opening verses of “Five Good Days”. The instrumental arrangement on “And The Circus Goes On” is absolutely flawless at times. The sounds of these four instruments, along with the vocals, have been blended together so sweetly it is like pure Kentucky honey.”