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“Dour electric opens “Why Waste It” while eerie synth rests underneath the guitar and vocal work. Slightly darker than some of the more Pop geared tracks prior to it, the dark ethos of this one builds through to the culmination of the track with a musicality that could make a Radiohead track melody”

“Ranging from vampy swagger to deconstructed Blues, this duo eludes pigeonholing in true Indie fashion....If Loose Hinges can achieve this kind of versatility through seven tracks, it makes one wonder what they could muster given four to five more tracks. ... skies the limit for this duo... Really looking forward to a full-length from these two. ”

"I had the pleasure of reviewing Loose Hinges' eponymous debut album a couple of years back. Now the band have followed it up with a new seven track EP which promises to develop their style still further. What stood out about their debut was the variety of styles and influences. It is gratifying to see that this continues with this fresh EP....It retains the delightful mix of styles and influences without feeling like a hodge-podge of indecision and inconsistency. Nothing's Permament should cement the Loose Hinges' reputation for rock with a difference, rock with a classy edge."

“The latest 7 track CP teaser from Loose Hinges is a real barn burner of a release. It's a rock solid and highly entertaining CD from start to finish. ...Note for note, song for song there isn’t really a weak piece on this entire catalogue. The writing and playing abilities of these 2 (Houser/McCarthy) is rock solid. The Strength of the Loose Hinges is the impressive song for song musical exuberence that keeps coming at you. No doubt these guys are a total riot to check out live around Nashville. ...At the end of the day Loose Hinges are just fun to check out either live or in the studio.”

“← Previous Post Next Post → The Loose Hinges play beautiful dream pop James Moore April 5, 2012 Comments Off Independent “dream pop” duo The Loose Hinges are quietly building their “cred”, with a self-titled debut that I would stake my reputation on saying it has some very profound material. Moody and mysterious, fans of Mazzy Star, Morcheeba, and Cowboy Junkies will enjoy them.”

“This writer loves mysterious bands. The bands that have lyrics that reach beyond the obvious and take the listener to a place other than 'boy meets girl' or 'lovey dovey' sort of message usually resonate quicker. These kinds of lyrics matched with stunning sonic electronic sounds, muffled guitar riffs, tempting percussion intros and vocals like Mazzy Star are shoe-ins for a big 'W' in the win column. Well, sports fans, notch a 'W' for Nashville's The Loose Hinges for originality, eclectic alternative indie rock and serving up quite a variety in their 11-track self-titled debut.”

“There is definitely magic in the air as you will hear for yourself on this self-titled debut release. The Loose Hinges seems to have that IT factor and I just wonder what they will come out with next! I am very excited about the future of Loose Hinges as they continue on and offer endless possibilities to their listeners. ”

“Give this a listen. In fact, give it several. The more you hear this the more you will discover.”

“Kris and Eliot: The CD is awesome, very zero-seven and portishead-y. Kudos!”

Eric Melcher - music blogger

“Great MUSIC!!! I was blown away by your CD... It is a very seductive, textured, balanced CD. Vocals are intoxicating...a nice mix of styles...the music flows from start to finish...beautiful opening song.”

Bill Deutsch - Independent Promoter