The Long Knives / Press

"Definately worth checking out this band brings me back into the 90's reminding me of a lot of great punk bands I used to listen to."

"For Pittsburghers who prefer guitars set to stun, enter The Long Knives, a duo issuing direct and heartfelt pop overtures with thick layers of distortion. The Knives have that early-90's indie-rock thing going on, making them one of those rare musical acts capable of evoking good noise from a few instruments. That the Knives can keep the intensity of song such as "Burning Angel" through such smoldering numbers as "Roses and Rings" further demonstrates their ability to handle firm meditations in contrast with the white noise which permeates this release. Should you give The Long Knives' Holy Ghost Points a listen? Most definitely. It wouldn't hurt to take in a live show either"

“BLOG REVIEW OF THE LONG KNIVES (TRANSLATED) "One week ago the full name of WJ was on his MySpace profile. But It's gone and I don't remember what it was... William Joe? Wally Jack? What I know about him now is just that he usually writes about rootlessness, madness, chaos and loneliness. And also that he's kind answering messages. Yes, generally, and considering that he's not much of a herd-follower (?), I would say that I know him. 700 City Invasion Sounds like a rejuvenated version of Eric Burdon. Aggressive voice, without any softness. Like in psychedelic and shoegaze, Jesus & Mary Chain. It's a difficult sound, like swimming in gelatine.”