The Lonesomes / Press

“The debut album "Circling The Sun" and the followup "Quick Fixes & Power Trips" gave an idea of what The Lonesomes could offer, and with "There's No Denying Josephine" they live up to those expectations. In a musical genre strongly dominated by top groups such as Son Volt, Wilco and Drive-By Truckers, The Lonesomes have carved out their own prominent place.”

"Amazing new effort that contains shining elements of The Byrds (jangly 12-string guitars and a trumpet solo a la "So You Want To Re A Rock & Roll Star"), Tom Petty, Neil Young (the guitar solos), and the Allman Brothers (nice mix of Hammond and dual guitars) sprinkled tastefully throughout! When you think about The Lonesomes, there's the feeling of the old West, not just in the band's name but in their sound and feel - something that put you in mind of tan chinos, shoe boots with spurs, shots of rye at the local saloon, and lots of dirt. It has the necessary punk-slash-honky-tonk charm to qualify as an alt-country gem. And, despite all of the classic influences on display, they still manage to make music that sounds remarkably fresh. The 12 songs on the album represent all of their best elements - the songs keep you guessing what might come next, each one with its own little angle on the whole picture the band is presenting."