The Lonely Revolts / Press

“... they hit the stage with explosive energy ready to unleash their sound to the masses. With jumps, kicks, bridges, and ripping gang vocals, The Lonely Revolts was really a pleasure to see.”

“Burning through 13 tracks (“White Flags,” the folky “Falling Apart,” the ballad “Inside Job”, the ripping title track “Broken Bones Burning Hearts” were all gems), The Lonely Revolts delivers the gutwrenching cry of the working class Oi punk.”

"There is spitting fury at high jobless rates (You Don’t Represent Me) and the ineffectual efforts of politicians (The Same Old Same Old). It is also interspersed with declarations of faith (I Am Who I Am) as well as a reminder that the church used to be a significant force in fighting for civil rights (The Revolt Is Forming)."

"Remnant is one of the best releases by Thumper Punk records so far. Labeled as working man’s punk rock, this is high energy, graveled throat vocals, pounding drums, booming bass lines and riffs a plenty! "