Thelma and the Sleaze / Press

“Perhaps no local rock outfit sounds, looks and behaves more like their moniker than blown-out, metal-imbued, Thin Lizzin', ZZ Toppin' Southern sludge purveyors Thelma and the Sleaze.”

“Well, once again the Nile is home to the big guns. Describing Nashville’s Thelma & the Sleaze is like describing that time mom flipped the kitchen table over on your sister. Thelma & the Sleaze will be your dates from hell, or actually, make that from an upside down circus that spews heavy Southern-fried rock music to your face. Your ears need bliss, and well these ladies have it all served up and dirty for you. Put the wife and kids to bed, and let’s go hunting for rock and roll debauchery. Found it! Laurel Street I love you.”