The Liz O Show / Press

“Liz O is one of the most relevant indie song writers around. Her songs are powerful, thoughtful, fun and provocative. She demonstrates incredible wisdom, insight and perspective. Hardly has an artist touched me so deeply on every track with such simple music arrangements. She demonstrates remarkable range and sensitivity, and her voice is like an entity unto itself…authoritative and alluring. Different to anything you have heard lately, The Liz O Show is something to behold!”

"You're like three bands rolled into one."

Reverend VJ Thesis - Fan

"You're like a living wind-up doll. Is there a screw coming out of your back?"

Alexander Puckett - Fan

"Can I just follow you around and let you entertain me?"

Nicola Wingate - Fan

"You're like that traveling balloon animal artist who goes around to children's parties. Except you're for adults. And you don't make balloon animals. I mean all of this in a good way."

Isobel Sweetland - Friend and Fan

"You know what I like about you, Liz O? You just do whatever the f*ck you want."

Mitchell Angus - The Apocalyptic Pony Party

"You're like the young, sexy sassy version of Wavy Gravy"

Ahmanda Millerhardyquist - Moses the Mushroom Press

"Keep it up, and I'll buy your first alnub"

Nightcraler121 - Archived Youtube Channel